The first month of games for the Leeds Adel Men’s 2s Hockey Club 1st XI ended in a game against Doncaster 3s. Upon their last meeting two seasons ago, for G, they beat the fellas led by a man who had a nipple ring (or rather formally had a nipple ring) 7-5 in the greatest game ever for the now disbanded ‘Trident’.
The Adel Men’s 2s Hockey Club 1st XI did not know what to expect from a team that had lost away 7-1 a fortnight prior to local rivals Leeds, before then beating Brigg at home 14-0.
After a beating by Harrogate the previous week, one thing was for sure – the team wanted blood. In the changing rooms barbs were fired, hooks set and fish (mainly Dan Madden) caught. But this turned out to just be the warm up for the bloodbath that was about to occur.
1-0, 2-0, 3-0, 4-0, 5-0 – half time. All very simple goals, just passing it around the keeper. Cool, calm, and ruthless.
Rich Heinz reminded us of the words of the wise Thirsk team who were also 5-0 down at half time 2 weeks ago. “This is the worst team we’ll play all season” they said. So, with that in mind he shared the equally wise statement “The next goal wins this”. We did just that, 6-0, 7-0 (the only good strike of the game) by Joe Greer for his first goal for the team – drilled into the roof of the net.
8-0. Full time. 3rd clean sheet out of 4. Jack paying his membership to stand around looking like the Michelin man (still better than golf).
Rich Partner, who is claiming he’s a big time physio now after single handedly running a weekend course for the FA rather than playing for his team the previous week, was caught in the trap of wearing a s**t shirt at teas but missed out on the prestigious DoD vote.
Heinz scored 3 of the goals and so got in a jug for the team (Miles we’re still waiting for yours from a few weeks ago).
Holford collected another three figure amount in fines. Normally this is his best contribution to the team on game day, but in fairness to him – he did score a legitimate hat trick.
Buller did get his obligatory goal, though looked absolutely knackered from minute 2 until a few hours after the game. He then lost his thermal, and became the fish. The incident was caught by wildlife photographer Ben Lemming who entitled the piece “The fisherman has become the fish.”
Man of match: Joe Greer
1. Doncaster Hockey Club are very bad at hiding the fact that they may (or may not) drop players from higher teams when playing at home.
2. The fisherman can become the fish.
3. Teas a pretty flipping good. Nice curry Rob!


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