Statement of Intent

Leeds Adel Hockey Club (LAHC) recognises its obligations under the relevant acts and laws in relation to the security of the information it holds, and the processing of that information in a proper manner. LAHC undertakes to collect and retain information for the purpose of the administration, management and facilitation of the activities of the club, in relation to hockey and non-hockey activities. LAHC will not retain information beyond the point where it is required to fulfil the purposes as described above.

Information held by the Club on its members

What is it and what is its’ purpose – the following information is collected from club members:

  • Name, address, telephone numbers, email addresses: to ensure that the party is informed about all club activities that they wish to participate in
  • Medical details: to be used to inform medical practitioners in case of emergency; to ensure that coaches can manage existing injuries, medical conditions as part of the members’ participation in club activities (eg regular breaks for players with asthma)
  • Date of birth: to ensure that players are playing in the correct team (especially in relation to Junior players, and in connection with age-related leagues)

How the information is collected and held – All members must complete a membership form, where they sign their agreement for LAHC to hold their information. No member should be contacted by a Club official, other than the treasurer/membership secretary, until that agreement has been signed. All junior members over the age of 16 must also sign the form, alongside their parent/guardian, to indicate that they agree to abide by the rules and codes of conduct of LAHC. All Emergency Contacts must have agreed for their details to be given to LAHC and that they understand their need to act in case of emergency.

That information is added to the Central Membership List, compiled by the Treasurer/Membership Secretary. This is held on a password protected directory. A link will be provided to allow coaches, captains and other officials to access the information contained within it, and only that information that is necessary for them to fulfil their function within the club, eg adult Team Managers will have no requirement to information regarding Juniors, and therefore this information will not be made available to them. On accessing this information, club officials may keep telephone numbers and email addresses only within their personal systems, eg saved on their mobile phone, but in doing so must agree to ensure that their equipment is password protected.

Club Officials must advise the Treasurer/Membership Secretary if for any reason they believe this information has been compromised, and advise them of what information may have been accessed (eg stolen/lost mobile phone).

On receipt of a completed membership form, this will be saved onto the Club’s secure drive and the original shredded. These will only be accessible to the Treasurer/Membership Secretary and the Welfare Officer(s). All information will be deleted at the end of a member’s involvement with LAHC, when we are informed of this. When LAHC is not informed of this, information will be deleted three months following their last involvement in Club activities.

Who has access to what information and how

Who What How Why
Membership Secretary All information Receipt of membership forms, information is added to appropriate membership list and saved on appropriate secure directory
  • To ensure that all appropriate steps are taken to ensure the appropriate participation in club activities
  • To ensure that all relevant parties have the information necessary to undertake their role
  • To ensure, in conjunction with the Welfare Officer, the safety of all participants, both staff and players
Treasurer Contact details and membership category Relevant details added to the club’s financial management system by the Membership Secretary

Accessed only by the Treasurer and Membership Secretary

  • To enable the management of all subscriptions and financial activities within the club
Welfare Officer All information Access to scanned membership forms and all membership lists through secure directory
  • To ensure the safety of all participants, both staff and players
  • To ensure all officers have the information they need to facilitate their part of the management of the Club
Coaches, Team managers and captains All information on relevant membership list(s) Through secure directory
  • To ensure coaches have all relevant medical information and permissions
  • To ensure coaches have all relevant contact information, including emergency contacts