Without these sizeable grants this project would not have got off the ground and huge thanks must go to the companies named below. Quick decisions and commitment from the National Hockey Foundation and England Hockey kick started the final push to make this happen in 2014.

Grants were obtained from England Hockey, The National Hockey Foundation, Leeds City Council via the Community Committee’s Well Being Fund and the George Moore Foundation.

There are a number of people who have generously given their money and/or time towards the resurfacing of the pitch. They will hopefully be able to enjoy the new surface for many years to come and look upon the project with pride. When chasing a dream such as this we have to push hard for funds, and with a general apathy in today’s society donations are a valuable source. We are thankful to those who have appreciated what we have been trying to achieve. To the others? There are always people willing to complain, almost without exception they are not prepared to work themselves and have little comprehension of the amount of work done by others. It is of great credit to the club that these people were in the minority.

The club and everyone who plays on the pitch are indebted to many folk, without naming specific people we should all be thankful to:

Everyone who helped remove the old pitch and the old shock pad.

The heavy machinery, man power and tools provided by two club members.

Being allowed access through the adjoining field.

The AWMA committee and chairman for their support.

Various fundraisers including socials, the 100 club, and the pitch square appeal.

Nottsport for advice and assistance throughout the project

And all the other volunteers who make the club run without any thanks or appreciation.