The last 32 Cup fixture in December 2021 ended in a penalty stroke drama with disallowed, retaken flicks and miscounts.

1:30pm, February 19th will be Leeds Adel Hockey Club’s 3rd XI face off against West Derby (Liverpool).

Fog, flairs and celebrations are a distant memory ahead of the last 16 fixture. Whilst storm Eunice threatens to overshadow the cup fixture we anticipate a lively and competitive fixture. Well worth a visit.

“You thought the last game was big, think again this one is the biggest” – Cian, 3rd XI Inside Forward.

Before the team head into their next knockout fixture, they have reached out to the Leeds Adel community for supporters, children, dogs, brothers and sisters. Such was the influence of the crowd during the last 2 minutes of the fixture. The team would welcome your support.

Efforts to promote a crowd have reached as far as the local MP as well as the “most creative will win a special prize sponsored by our very own Adam Kendall (Men’s 3rd XI Defender)”

Sitting high on Leeds Adel’s statistics chart, Cian has led the team through some tough fixtures this season with 6 goals and 24 man of the match votes. He is certainly a player to watch out for when you head down to support.

In line with current government guidelines, the NHS Covid Pass on the NHS App will become mandatory for entry into settings where large crowds gather – including unseated outdoor events with 4,000 or more attendees. Due to such reasons, we have unfortunately made the decision to limit the capacity of Saturday’s game to 3,999 spectators. We are anticipating a high demand for this event; to avoid disappointment please arrive early to pass security in time for the push back.

Last 32 match report-Dec 2021

One day deep into December the fog circling around Adel, the men’s 3rd XI proved conclusively the better team on the day. Facing off against Nottingham Trent University 2nd XI the odds were stacked against the team from the start.

What a day, what a game , what a result. The crowd packed to the rafters, pushing the 4,000 person limit , flares going off left right and centre the fog painted Adel orange. Nottingham Trent didn’t know what hit them as the roars of the supporters greeted the anthems and Adel started brightly beautifully controlling the game from the back before springing into life with an outrageous opener from DC.

The game hotted up, and Trent got an equaliser with their first D penetration. A rough patch for Adel followed with Trent getting a second but then we really woke up.

Superb running up top from Jackson, Milo, Percy, Hans and Robbie linking up with some blistering balls down the wing from Scotty, Archibald and Louis. Meanwhile in the middle the battle was fierce but the tempo was controlled by the stalwarts of the two Simons’ and Matthew

Half time 2-1.

Trent started chatting as the second half began but coach Mike had been chatting at half time too. In such safe hands, how could we lose. Adel had a number of brilliant efforts at goal with Trent also putting more pressure on our D, the crowd drinking in the beautiful standard of hockey.

60 minutes in and we scored. Jackson seamlessly picking an arial shoulder height before threading a through ball to Robbie who, seeing the keeper of his line, slapped first time bottom corner.


The bellows from the crowd nearly lifted the roof from the dugouts and we knew we had them on the run. A tense finish left the game tied at 2-2.


After some controversy of disallowed and retaken flicks ended with an Adel victory.


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