We won. By quite a bit.

Beale did us the favour of not turning up letting us score 7 goals however
without his presence we were under the less than competent captaincy of Sam

Fozzy turned up and aided the opposition with their two goals by not only
getting angry and sowing despair amongst the defence, as expected, but also by
scoring an own goal.

8-2 would’ve been the score had either Simon or Jackson found the goal a second
time but they discarded all competitive thoughts when they managed to find true
love staring into each others eyes while the goalie relaxed on the floor watching
them. Thankfully Simon had leave straight away after the match or we might
have had another safe… never mind, let’s just say it’s good Simon has higher

Scorers: Sam Jackson with a first time hit at the top of the D, surprising but I’m
not lying; Simon with his second attempt at a reverse stick goal; Will with one;
Ian with another; Horsey bagged 3, they were nothing special making me
wonder if their goalie had ever played a match before. And I almost forgot Fozzy,
putting it past our own keeper.

Man of the match was incorrectly awarded to someone other than me and unable
to remember who got dick of the day I assume it was Fozzy.

credit: Paddy in between his homework, notes from absent skipper “Please apologise for the delay but it has taken him this long to produce something publishable and I had to redact his comments on most of it. “

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