Yet another snowy start to a Saturday morning meant that the Ladies 1s waited to hear news from Harrogate. With most people still in bed or lounging about the ladies were surprised to here that the Harrogate pitch was playable and the game was on.

Relieved to not have another postponed game the ladies set off. Upon arrival the conditions seemed to deteriorate pretty quickly with the warm up alone being a cold snowy affair.

Knowing this was going to be a tough game with Harrogate sitting in 4th spot in the league, the ladies battled through the less than ideal conditions.

The whistle goes with a Harrogate push, and within the first 5 minutes Harrogate pounce on a back transfer, with a quick forward intercepting the ball and finding the back of the net catching us all off guard. 1-0 Harrogate. This suddenly woke Adel up, with a quick break up the pitch we saw another Rosie Baker special where she rounded the keeper and slotted home an equalizer to keep the score level at 1-1.

Possession and dominance remained pretty even for the rest of the half with both teams battling the blizzard now upon us in search of another goal. A green card this time for April, gaining her first ever card (still adamant that it was meant for Ceska, but we’ll never know) meant that the ladies were put under added pressure at the back, but managed to thwart any Harrogate advances.

Pleased to hear the half time whistle go so the ladies could get out of the blizzard and warm up a little in the dug out. Luckily the sun came out and melted away the layer of snow on the pitch meaning the second half could begin.

Early on in the second half Jacs took on the Harrogate keeper only for the initial shot to be saved and lifted straight into her head. As everyone stopped to make sure she was ok the whistle went and then the ball slowly rolled over the line. No goal – as apparently this isn’t football and headers don’t count. Sorry Jacs. Hope the heads healing and not to sore.

As the wind and snow picked back up making it hard to hear and communicate Adel found themselves defending a lot of Harrogate pressure, often winning the ball back but unable to clear the 23.

A string of Harrogate short corners saw the defence having to work hard, with Sazzle making some cracking diving stick saves keeping the ladies in the game.

This period of dominance by Harrogate saw them score 2 more goals, making the final score to 3-1 Harrogate.

The Ladies leaving the pitch a little disappointed after finding some good form in recent weeks, but attention soon turned to the teas, where we new this would be the last time this team would be together as this saw the last Adel game for Anna and Katy Blyth as well as Sarah McCall. There’ll be plenty of time for speeches ands thanks at the end of season dinner so I won’t rattle on, but in short just want to say a massive thank you for all that you have done over your many seasons at the club. We’ll miss your presence both on and off the pitch, and hope to see you back one day soon.

Big thanks to Sophie P and Robyn for stepping up this week, and to the travelling support of Gabby, Sophie L and Tweds (and Billy of course).

MOM – Sarah McCall, pulling out all the best saves for her final game

DOD – Jacs, doing anything to score a goal

Next week is the final game of the season where the ladies take on Bowdon 2s at Fortress Adel at 12pm. Looking to pick up a final 3 points to secure 10th in the league. It’s clear to see that the ladies love to put on a good show in front of a home crowd so let’s get as much support up at the pitch as possible to see out the season.

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