Ever wondered how far you’ve run during a game?

Well I’ve tried out some technology today which will tell you!

It’s a small GPS tracking device.

The aim is to spread this around the club and get various men and ladies trying it out.

The coaches can then decide if it shows anything useful or not!

Fairly steady win for the Mens 2s todays and I only covered 3.8km with a max pace of 4.20 per km

Full details click here



Interestingly I ran 3.2km umpiring half a game, so for those wanting to work on match fitness, get umpiring!!

umpiring half a game

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Mark Powley · 8th February 2015 at 12:41 pm

You seemed to spend a lot of time behind the goal in the match you played. You weren’t sent off were you?!

Or were you retrieving wayward Ransley undercuts?

Yes you should know us umpires do more running than players !!

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