After a disappointing November the Mens 3s were looking forward to a home game in December as a springboard to a strong second half of the season.

Preparations went well, with Carl on the alcohol free red wine the night before and laying off the curry for a change. Fozzy had held back from any marathon running, Mark and David had managed to avoid working all night and Greg had cancelled his work invitation to make the game whilst Rob was looking forward to playing with less umpires than the previous week.

Some new faces in previous encounters had showed promise and as the cold morning dawned the team were fired up and ready. A 3pm start meant we could plan to meet a bit earlier for a decent team talk and warm up with Captain Bingham threatening to actually make his own warm up this time around.

All the hard work clearly paid off with a clean sheet and 3 goals to boot. An action shot of the oppo captured below by our supporters.



Sadly Bingley Bees couldn’t raise a team and cancelled Friday night but we’ll take the clean sheet, goals and fantasy points I assume?



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