After 2 consecutive promotions the Mens 3s are now playing Yorkshire Div 1 and looking forward to the challenge.

1st Half

Adel started off well, asserting early pressure on Wakefield. Whenever possession was conceded, Adel moved quickly into the 3/4 press and forced Wakefield to the wings, as they had nothing up through the middle.

The first set of substitutions brought the first goal, around 10 minutes in, with Simmy hitting the backboard. Wakefield were put on the back foot again not long after with Beale converting another smooth passage of play.

A quick interception from Boag on the right wing caused a chance out of nowhere, when he crossed the ball to one of the forwards. It was a difficult, bobbling cross on a water-based pitch and the forward put it over the bar by a hair.

Towards the end of the half, Adel were cruising, brushing off any pressure Wakefield were trying to create. One chance Wakefield created was ended swiftly by the keeper Mikey cleaving one of the opposition forwards in two, caused a slight stoppage.

In the last few minutes of the half, a third goal was well taken.

Half time

Water jets off, everyone ran off the pitch.

2nd Half

Wakefield looked as though they had a severe talking to at half time, coming back onto the field with some nice passages of play. The pressure was held at bay from a solid back four, as well as a midfield holding its shape. Adel had some good attacks down both wings, both Jackson and Boag (probably more Boag than Jackson) showcasing some highlight-reel worthy skills.

The discipline paid off towards the end of the half with Harry opening his account, which was well earned after doing double the running of the entire Wakefield team.
Adel’s fatigue however, started to show in the last 30 seconds of the half. where a route one ball to a Wakefield forward was converted from the top of the D, spoiling the clean sheet.

words by returning player Simmy!

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