The mens 3rd team arrived for an evening push back at Ben Rhydding with a squad of 14, that’s right 14 to play away! Fresh from spanking other local rivals Boston Spa 5-2 at the fortress last week we were confident of getting a result against what almost looked like a lads and dads team, but like last week things started out not according to plan despite the skippers wipe board instruction extravaganza , adel conceded fairly early on from a some what debatable short corner.

The next short corner saw Higgins in the adel goal save the first strike with a bare kneecap and generally writhe around in agony for a few minutes before drying his eyes and playing the rest of the game on 1 leg much to Ransley’s disappointment, higgins had barely hit the floor when “shot gun kicking back” was declared. Back to hockey- adel were falling into last week’s mistakes of trying to either bulldoze through sticks or be too cute and pass by nutmeg alone , this didn’t work against an experienced Rhydding, Ransley had a superb rebound smash into the roof of the net chalked off and Rhydding scored again against the run of play, adel starting to actually play hockey and pulled it back via Dan Ab, who scored from the left of the D with a great wristy finish across the keeper proving a teenage boys wrist is not to be trifled with.

Halftime 2-1, plenty of talk about playing hockey properly now, sore knees and smelly helmets to be had

Adel dominated the 2nd half though Rhydding did get another goal in probably their only really threatening attack in the 2nd half, one of their youngsters capitalising on a non clearance to flick into the side netting from close range, adel scored 2 more both through Will but should have and could have got the win, frustrating to only draw but on a positive note we are creating chances to squander at least.

Now if we can get our passing game going before 20 mins has been played and we can not give teams a 2 goal headstart we might get some where!

MOM was newcomer Will for 2 goals and general all round play driving forwards
DOD was rich b – non hockey reasons – brinkley leaving slobber all over his jacket (surely that’s brinkley for DOD then? but no hes far too cute so rich it is then.)
I just hope it was slobber, I’m not aware of any lippy out but if he’s anything like my dog…………………

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