Men’s 3s – Episode VII: The Horse Awakens
By Jason Jones
Our heroes are in a dark place – recuperating from a devastating draw to ancient enemies, Ben Rhydding; their numbers depleted due to key players being poached to fortify their own allies, the men’s 2s, and facing a new, daunting villain: Bradford 2s, pushing for promotion at second in the league, 4 points above the heroic Resistance in fourth.
Marshalled by a strong central midfield pairing of General Hux and Kylo Ren, with  Supreme Leader Snoke drifting round the pitch before settling at right back, the First Order quickly wounded our heroes with a quick goal. But things were soon to turn.
Based on a strong defensive base of Han Solo, Chewbacca and the Millennium Falcon (Greg Hilton, Kieran Herbert and Mark Richards), Poe Dameron (your humble narrator) and his fellow X-wing pilots, Giles Primmer, Fozzy and Matt Pollard providing cover from the bench snuffed out the threat of Hux and Ren and set free wingers Finn and BB-8 (Simon Littler and Joe Grear). With bench support Will Darlington and Tom Gabbott, there was ample support for Iain Mitchell and old Luke Skywalker himself, Paul Horsey.
With General Beale Organa and his trusty sidekick, Admiral Sam Jack-bar, organising from the sidelines, The Resistance quickly countered the early First Order goal with 4 of their own (Horsey, Darlington, Fozzy, Grear).
Bouyant at half time, our heroes foolishly allowed the First Order to regroup and come out fighting in the second half. The villians scored two goals either side of Poe Dameron’s 2-minute spell on the sidelines, owing to a terrible umpiring decision from Jamesy.
The battle was on a knife-edge before some excellent on-pitch leadership from Chewie and MOTM skills from BB-8 allowed the Resistance to push on and win a series of short corners, with Skywalker scoring 2 to complete his hat trick. Gabbott added a seventh to complete a resounding victory for light over dark, leaving the Resistance a single point off the play-off places.
Next up for the Resistance: top of the table Scarborough 1s in Episode VIII: The Long Journey.

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