Words by Mr R. Higgins

Saturday saw the meaningful return to action for the 3s after the festive break, making the short trip to Huddersfield to face some dragons seemed to take forever but we still wound up with an hour to kill in the changing rooms listening to gabbo explain why he can’t say no to free fruity fridays, marvelling at Beale’s beard and waiting for Boag!

We were all drilled into our roles and responsibilities as always by the ever present Sammy who tried to leave us to our own devices on the pitch to cope with her looming absence when peanut decides to join us! We headed out to warm up, it was cold, we had to wait ages, we tried to warm up.

The first ten minutes were not end to end but back and forth, we seemed to be taking control slowly, them not being brilliant, more our own errors letting them in, then a free hit in our half allowed Scotty to throw an aerial at the hobbit they had playing at the back who duly missed it allowing the gambling Beale to go 1 in 1 with the keeper, but no, jacksons lung buster allowed beale to draw the keeper and square it left in true fifa fashion for jackson to ram it home
Boag had a good chance but missed the connection (not for the 1st time today) and fell over pretending to be hurt, classic boag

We did score another in the 1st half but I can’t remember for the life of me which order the goals went in, as Huddersfield had sustained pressure for a while , we mainly kept them out side the D but i did have to make a couple of stops, 1 worldy from a shorty drag that was definitely going top corner – ok maybe not top top corner but still pretty good for an old chubber.

We seemed to have it all under control until Gabbo unfortunately got the “slightest” of touches running 1 on a corner to roof one over me, his honest little face and protestations convinced the umpire that he hadn’t touched it but alas the other umpire heard other wise and gave the goal, to be fair it was a legit goal i think even Sammy on the side heard the touch.

The last meaningful action of the half was a great run, pick and turn from Tom-A that should have yielded more, so half time I’m sure it was 2-1 to us but i can’t remember which of the 4 goals in the 2nd half was actually in the 1st half.

We spoke about the usual stuff, tempo, work rate etc and being aware they felt they were back in it, expect the storm and weather it.

No Dramas unfolded in the 2nd half, they got in our D maybe 4 times but i wasn’t called upon, instead we played some awesome hockey, very fast, a little loose but in control and hammered them, we could/should have had at least another 2 or 3 if not more, their keeper had a good game and denied us as many times as our loose final ball or wayward shot did but the blitz continued unabated. great to watch and included Scotty seemingly playing right wing, Gabbot and Littler both making barn storming runs into their D, Paddy and Tom-H snapping into tackles leaving Taylor and Greg to have a chat, collect the odd hack clear and recycle the play, Was very similar to how our 1s and 2s play, just hem them in and overwhelm them.

The goals, not in order chronologically as I can’t remember but in order of greatness-
1 Scotty smashed a slap in from a loose ball on the right, standard Scott power and placement finish.
2 charlie on the left near the edge of the D going hard and low across into the far right corner
3 the best team goal was boag at left mid, turning his guy inside out with his boag shenanigans driving forward and playing in Charlie wide left who rather than shoot (i know!) Put Beale in at the far post to slither across the turf full length and slide it in back stick – just a joy to watch from the back, really!
4 Tom Aldred, he’s top D, gets it strong, nothing on, goes reverse theres a gap to get the tomahawk away and from directly in line with it but 60m behind it, it looked like he’d got under it but with pace, it looked like it was going way over the goal, over the fence and for a conversion on the rugby pitch behind for those familiar with lockwood, looked like…… what actually happened was he got way under it, at pace and some how sand wedge style loopy lobbed it over the keeper to plug between line and the back board, im not even sure it hit the back board, just stopped, not quite the stroomeresque effort he was searching for but filthy all the same!

End of game, 5-1 win to start 2019 carrying on from where we left off in 2018, promotion is a possibility as our league is very competitive with only 4 points between 2nd & 9th, if we play like the 2nd half of this game all game every game it’s definitely on……..

Man of the match was Tom Aldred- not just for that goal though, toms new to the 3s and settling well, his runs and link up today were brilliant and he was unlucky not to trouble the scorers more, a well deserved man of match award in game where everyone contributed and a good few had a shout for the award.

I missed dick of the day so am hazy at best but apparently it was a 3 way tie between jackson, Scott and Gabbot so it was decided that a portrait off would settle it, draw the most lifelike portrait of M.O.M Tom, with the tools at hand, judges would be looking for realism, texture, stroke work, nuance, interpretation and a certain je ne sais quoi!
Jackson lost and was D.O.D but for the sake of their art I’ll not tell you who’s is who’s, I’ll let the art speak for itself

Thanks to chauffeurs Sutton and Aldred for their support with Sammy from the side, always appreciated gents.

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