This week the boozy 2s took on another local league rival in the form of Leeds uni 1s. The opposition, comprising of a bunch of hungover students and a stand in OAP keeper, were sitting at the bottom end of the table but a strong performance would still be required in order to claim 3 points. Last weeks fixture against Leeds 5s resulted in Sham being broken for the rest of the season (#prayforsham) which along with the absence of Rich Hinds and Ben Leeming could have caused problems in the midfield this week. This was not to be the case however thanks to the ridiculous squad depth of the 2s which saw the return of Boag and Si Taylor as well as a fantastic first appearance for debutant Toby “Harry” Ratcliffe.

The first half was played at a reasonable tempo with good hockey on show from the home side looking to take advantage of the disorganised and disorientated students. Adel failed to capitalise on a number of early chances with Carter coming close hitting the woodwork with a flick and Buller following suit with a back post scramble. Eventually the 2s found their form and despite a minor defensive lapse the team went in at half time with a 3-1 lead and in control of the game.

The boys came out in the second half eager to add to their goal tally and put the game to bed. The defensive unit made light work of anything the students had to throw at them, swiftly regaining possession allowing the midfield to produce some liquid hockey through the lines. More pressure from the forwards lead to more chances for the 2s, some of which were successfully converted while others were not.

At this point it’s fair to assume that with a free shot from top D most people would have more faith in Dan Carter than Sam Jackson. Unfortunately Jackson is not one of those people. Just before Carter could unleash a reverse stick screamer into the top bin, Jackson took a hopeful waft at the ball which ended up closer to the sideline than the goal. Following this he immediately dropped himself to the 3s.

The final whistle spared further embarrassment for the away side and a 6-1 victory was resounding enough for skipper Holford. Nonetheless he still orchestrated the usual viscous massacre in the fines circle which significantly boosted the squads fund for their first team social of the season in a couple weeks time.

Goals came from Boag, Buller and Holford with a rare hat trick for Rich Partner who, much like a fine wine, seems to only improve with age.

MOM – Partner

DOD – Jackson

Some interesting facts:

After 6 games the 2s are second in the league closely behind Leeds 4s.
The 2s boast the most clinical forward line in the league having scored more goals (26) than any other team as yet.
The team have only conceded 5 goals so far this season whilst giving away 0 short corners in their last 2 fixtures.
Si Taylor has bigger shoulders than Luke Taylor.
Sam Jackson is not better than Dan Carter.

As always big thanks to the umpires, supporters and tea providers!

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