A late umpire set the scene for the men’s 2s game this week. The first 15 minutes started with Adel setting up camp in Leeds 5’s 25. Phil …. Was keen to make his mark in the 2’s with a number of shots heading somewhere towards the Leeds’ goal… safe to say he couldn’t hit water if he fell out of a boat. Time for Sham to come off the bench having identified Leeds’ weak link. Unfortunatly the only weakness was his Achilles as his body betrayed his enthusiasm for the game 2 minutes into his performance. Rich Partner followed shortly after by pulling his calf, rumour has it he wanted to rekindle the bromance with Sham on the bench. Ben …. provided the stability the middle needed in the absence of the Veterans. The deadlock was broken by Sam Jackson – the opportunist – as he nestled one in the middle corner. Half time approached and Leeds began to get physical. Joe … (a tender 16 years old) led from the front by wearing an aerial to the chest putting to question the manhood of his fellow teammates.

Half time.

Start of the Second half was tense with Adel remaining dominant but not clinical. A 2 on 1 for Phil… and Sam Jackson lead too…. You guessed it…. a bottle job with Phil striking the foot of last defender between him and goal. A Penalty stroke was given after the umpire (who was late) thought about it… then discussed…. and then thought about it again. A conversion gave Adel the cushion that was needed. Adel went for the jugular and persisted with attack as the best form of defence. A Short corner led to a goal for Rich Hinds which was about as well executed as Theresa May’s Brexit. DOD Rich Hinds for his anger management issues and yellow card MOM Ben… for the glue which held the team together.

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