Sheffield Hallam M5 2 – 3 Leeds Adel M2

After last week’s match report from one senior citizen it falls this week to an even more senior citizen to remember what happened. Unfortunately this is one that will never be forgotten (more of that later).
With Crocker away the 2s were forced into a reshuffle of the defence with Taylor having to fill those shoes at centre back. Bolstered by the return of Stroomer and Holford (we think he might have been to Australia) the game started with wave after wave of Adel attacks. Buller, Holford, Jackson, Stroomer and Boag were ripping Hallam’s defence apart. Stroomer was proving particularly destructive down the left and had Hallam resorting to desperate shouts of “take him down” and we lost count of the number of shots on target and fine saves made by their “8th team keeper”. It was starting to look like one of those days when Jackson decided to pass instead of put the ball in an open goal. More composure was needed and it looked like the missed chances could be costly when towards the end of the half Hallam had some pressure and only a fine save on the line by Taylor with his arm denied a certain goal. Fortunately the plan worked and Higgins saved the resulting penalty flick.
Half-time 0-0.
The second half started far more evenly with Hallam exerting pressure on goal helped by a spell of Taylor’s inability to find a ball out from the back to an orange shirt. Hallam took the lead with a crisp reverse stick strike. Stung by that we managed to find our scoring touch. Stroomer decided he’d had enough of the messing about in front of goal with a great strike into the roof of the net from top D. This was followed by 2 quick goals from water-based pitch specialist Boag and we were comfortable at 3-1. Surviving several scrambled defensive moments and a series of short corners for Hallam we made it unscathed to the 69th minute. Just needing to make the right decisions to see out the game the ball was played back to Taylor on the right of his own D. His 40+ years of hockey-playing experience says you don’t pass the ball across goal when a forward is charging in, but he put that aside and did it anyway rolling the ball tamely onto the stick of said onrushing player. Accepting the gift gratefully Hallam’s forward rounded Higgins and slotted the ball into the goal. Fortunately there was only 30 seconds left after the restart and the ball was given to Stroomer who was able to do what was necessary to see out time.
Final Score 3-2. 2s remain top of the division and look forward to the next game against Ramgarhia.
MOM – Stroomer for destructive dribbling and great goal.
DOD – Taylor for being an idiot and making the worst pass of his life. Just as well he stopped at the cash point on the way to Sheffield as fines circle was unsurprisingly expensive!
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Richard Partner

Richard Partner · 15th January 2018 at 5:19 pm

When do we next play on a water based pitch. Horses for courses selection

Andrew Boag

Andrew Boag · 15th January 2018 at 6:28 pm

I’ll be ready.

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