The mighty phwoars were in action against a Ben rhydding team that proved tough competition in the reverse fixture, where they conceded the most all season in a hard fought 6-3 win.

In a delayed start to the days final fixture it was the visitors who started brightly and the phwoars were thankful that milesy was eager to redeem himself. The veteran keeper has been in real thuggish form of late. Not content with a card Last Sunday he attempted to sabotage defensive stalwart Grindrod by smacking him in the head with a ball in the customary phwoars warm up. Even more shame should be put at his door as rather than enquire about his team mate’s well being he seemed more interested in laughing and passing the blame.

Never the less he made some fine stops.

Unsurprisingly adels rock in midfield showed real toughness and did not let the blow adversely impact his performance by breaking down plenty of opposition attacks.

Ben Rhydding is adjacent to Ilkley, whose residents pride themselves on their Victorian arcades and Leeds postcodes.

Adel came more and more into the game and the scoring was started by a familiar combination of Ellis (the better one) as assister and Beale the defender to neatly deflect home a powerfully driven ball into the d.

Missing the influential Matthew Brayshaw the second came from a more unlikely route with Stefan fresh from missing a couple of far easier chances able to fire home first time from the top of the d. A great strike.

On the note of Brayshaw’s absence he would have missed a fine lesson on clinical finishing from the phwoars had he not gone back inside the warm clubhouse to watch Leeds lose. At least your girlfriend is loyal to the phwoars cause.

The attacks continued from the phwoars front line and Damian notched the third shortly before half time with a powerful run through the middle and a reverse slap into the corner.

3-0 half time you would think surly Sam would be happy. He was almost.

The second half was pretty much stalemate the highlight probably Damian graciously taking his green card.
Stefan, Ross and Beale all came close to adding to the score line. Luke put the defensive cannon to good use and Craig, bob and Hockin had more to do than normal and I think enjoyed this as it got bloody cold.

A good solid win from the phwoars who are still to concede in 2017.

Up next a long trip away to the 5s.

Dod Brayshaw (chairmen Sam intervened) and gave it to milesy for his attack on Andy. Man of the match shared between Grindy and milesy. I suppose he wasn’t all bad.


Match Report by Tom Beale. Comments & photos by El Capitan

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