words by Rich Partner

Leeds Adel 2’s (3) V Harrogate 3’s (0)
1-0 HT
“Marvelous Mexican & Birthday Boy take the awards”
The sweet smell of success AXE

Adel 2’s took on Harrogate at home knowing the last time they played each other, the team sheet included 5 different players who have since changed squads, become injured or left the club. Revenge for their only defeat was the aim despite missing some key figures again in this fixture.

The stand in captain called up Jackson and Scott to bolster the squad and made a few subtle adjustments to nullify Harrogate’s threats. Bishop was told he had the first short in the game but unfortunately, he forgot that playing shorts are an essential part of playing gear as the whistle was ready to be blown!

Birthday Boy Bayford (BBB), paired up Marvelous Mexican Madden (MMM) to see MMM slot his first goal for the 2’s in a tight 1s half. Heinz thought he’d made it 2 only for it to be chalked off, but the umpires kept control of a feisty half which then saw the Harrogate midfielder clatter onto several players before seeing green; only to be upgraded to yellow following protest!

Half time wisdom from stand in coach Sham and stand in captain Partner saw a more control second half. Harrogate didn’t know what hit them when a fully clothed Bishop let fly and BBB got his first goal for the 2’s since he was about 25years old with a fantastic deflection. 2-0. Heinz got one wrong and had a rest for 2mins before returning to repay his error with a fine solo dribble past 3 defenders. 3-0. Powley showed his cricket skills with a neat clip off the hips and a solid forward defensive stop on the line, more than can be said for the test team in the Windies. There was only time for a few more fines to be totted up. Jackson saw green for a miss timed tackle to spoil a fine comeback and the same Harrogate midfielder, clearly tired, fancied another 10mins rest after Meaton and Buller demonstrated how to shave tackle and his red mist descended. I hope his fine sheet isn’t the same as the Adel Men’s 2’s as that would be £25 plus match day fines!

FT and a well-earned 3 points. Holford has provided Beer and Whiskey post-match this season. BBB provided cake and specially manufactured deodorant for all post game. Shame they named it after his Jackson’s tackle technique.

MOM BBB for an assist and goal, DOD MMM for his Mexican antics and miss timed substitution

Thanks to the umpires and the Men’s 3’s for some side line support.

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