The Men’s 1st team woke up on a crisp Saturday morning in what could be a significant day in the promotion race from Yorkshire Prem, with Bradford away at Hull and a bare Adel 11 (12 including the illustrious coach!) for our trip to Lindum.

The cold snap helped us with Paul Lewis able to swap coaching duties with playing duties with the cancellation of all home games pushing us up to a more comfortable 13. An ideal way to celebrate his 40th birthday.

Bens boys congregated on the black ice of the adel car park waiting for Moorhouse who had slept through 7 alarms after Fizz Friday!

Finally the Prosecco Prince arrived and we all set off, Bens bus headed to Maccy D’s to feed Moorhouse’s cravings whilst Birdy headed to pick up the equally hungover Jimmy Mayhew…the day had started well!

Lincolnshire has avoided the worst of the cold snap and Adel were welcomed with a nice dry cold afternoon.

The long journey had allowed the Adel spring to be well and truely coiled and Adel were 2-0 up in the first 5 minutes. The first a good steal from Moorhouse in the pocket, he fed Harris’ run to the right of the circle, his scuffed shot deflected in by the on rushing Keiran Sullivan. The second, another break from the centre of the pitch, Ball broke from half way and fed the ball right to the overlapping Pete Sim storming up from the back, Sims cross hit the keepers pads at the front post but he was unable to complete the clearance before Ball reacted quickly to slot the ball away.

The quick start settled any nerves from the Adel boys and sank the heads of Lindum whos hopes of an upset were quickly dashed.

The rest of the first half saw the Adel press put the Lindum midfield and back line under pressure and some clinical finishing saw Harris and Ball add 2 further goals to make it 4-0. Unfortunately, Adel switched off in the the final moments of the half after a break from Lindum down the left, Paul Lewis coming across to cover the run and getting one of his customary sized 14’s in the way, good advantage from the umpire allowed a smart finish from one of the Lindum forwards to put a slight dampener on what was a well controlled first half.

Hendley gave a good s*^# sandwich of a half time speech…well played boys, don’t switch of again you numpties, great press and go smash them in the second half.

Suitably inspired, Adel again came out strong and despite further dominance were not being particularly clinical and had to be aware of the threat of Lindum on the counter.

A flurry of short corners which failed to be converted through a combination of good goalkeeping and poor execution.

Finally, a better worked corner ended up hitting a defenders foot on the line and a penalty flick given. Bally stepped up with hopes of sealing his first Adel hatrick and easing some of the frustrations of not adding to the score in the second half.

The keeper watched the eyes and went the wrong way and the ball headed to the bottom corner, only for it to hit the inside of the post and roll along the wrong side of the goal line to Balls disbelief.

Adel, marshelled from the back with Birdy, solid as ever and his excellent distribution, Pete Sim’s excellent work rate as well as the work rate of captain Hemming in the centre of midfield and his loyal sidekick Jimmy.

This platform allowed the Adel press to create further chances but a combination of poor composure and finishing and aggressive goalkeeping saw Adel failed to add to the score until a short corner was slotted away by Ball to finally complete his hatrick and Harris added his second of the day…the score 6-1.

Captain Hendo obviously a bit frustrated at wasted opportunities decided to have a little run out and after some excellent work from Keiron who fed ben at the top to the circle and with a shimmy to the right slotted the ball under the onrushing keeper to complete the scoring. 3 minutes and 1 goal…thats how you do it boys.

Job done, a good 7-1 away win although some frustrations with missed chances but a score we would have been happy with at the start of the day.

The weather had got the better of the Hull vs Bradford result therefore Adel move to top of the table albeit with Bradford having a game in hand. However, having the points on the board and with the goal difference between the two teams diminishing, the promotion race is going to go down to the wire!

MOM – Pete Sim, Solid at the back, incredible work rate up and down the pitch, strong tackling and distribution

DOD – Bally for the partial celebration of the missed flick

Thanks to the umpires and Lindum hospitality.


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