And so it begins again….


The ladies 1 st team embarked on the first on many journeys down the 3 M’s (621 / 62 / 60) separating the light side to the dark side of the North of England. The team a perfect balance of old heads and fresh new faces, all looking resplendent in the electric orange kit.

Bowden, very worthy opponents, fielded what can only be described as a colony compared to the
Adel bare 11, and yet our cheer was still the loudest…… Quaility, not quantity!

Adel started the brightest, nicking the ball back from the centre pass, Jaclyn Smith driving, weaving
and spinning her way down the left flank and entering the D. impossible angled shot number 1…
Saved! Impossible angle number 2 shot, deflects off the keeper’s kicker and goes in! 1-0 Adel.

Thegoal met with raucous cheers from the 2 travelling fans holding their own against the Bowden rabble.

The first half ebbed and flowed. The new look back four of Hannah Jones, Abbie Taylor, Sammy
Gibson and Ceska Akerman staying strong, Abbie Cook making some brilliant reaction saves, one a
great deflection off the stick of Clare Hesslewood. Eventually, Bowden managed to break through, 2-
1 at half time

The second half was much of the same, the defence absorbing pressure, the mid field of
Hesselwood, Wright, Richardson and Blyth tirelessly running to maintain a strong central formation.
Smith and Baker on the wings causing havoc with pace and deft skill, a defenders nightmare. The
breakaway pressure was rewarded with a couple of short corners which unfortunately could not be

The game ended in a 4-1 loss, but an excellent performance by the whole team with added thanks to
those players who stepped up from the 2’s

MOM – Sammy Gibson
DOD- Jaclyn Smith – the slightest player on the pitch being green and yellow carded for being “too

Roll on next week!!
By Katy Blyth

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