Nothing special. Just 3 points.

With 11 wins from 11, the Mens 1s continued their run-in to the end of the season with the first of eight remaining games. Big Ben and the boys welcomed third place Kingston-upon-Hull to try and take points off them. Having conceded their only loss to them last season, Adel knew full well that this Hull team were one of the more dangerous sides in the league. Not wanting to let their record slip, the boys all huddled around like carpet time at primary school, while Ben and his bog roll went through the tactics on the big whiteboard.

Team talk and warm up complete, everyone was prepped – except a late-running Bally who had to get changed pitch-side. The game was feisty right from the off as their notoriously angry forward was warned inside a few minutes for using too many profanities. Along with throwing obscene language around like they were in The Wolf of Wall Street, Hull were waging war with their sticks too – Bally being the main target for most of the first 15 minutes. The first goal came through a short corner. A mis-directed injection was swiftly pushed to the left by Nathan, where Jimmy ‘all black everything’ Mayhew was waiting to neatly finish with a low flick. 1-0 Adel.

Hull equalised shortly after by using an anti-skill goalscoring method – a method which has seen the better of the Adel defence several times this season. This goal involved a bobbly, long, hopeful hit from the half way line which took a cruel deflection on its way, ending up with Hull’s forward who was standing alone in the D. He collected it and rounded the on-rushing Josh. 1-1.

The Hull goal was just a minor blip as Adel continued to assert territorial advantage by playing a lot of hockey in the Hull 25, along with strong tackling and great distribution from Birdy, Chris and Pete to keep Adel on top. However, the third goal of the game actually came courtesy of a counter-attack. Turning it over around the D, the ball was brought over to the right where Birdy managed to execute a sublime slap down the line whilst losing his balance into the dugout area. Will then made his way into the D and then must’ve had a momentary lapse of concentration as he actually passed it square past the goalkeeper to Sam. With the goal completely open, the ball rolled its way over to nervous wreck Sam who was having flashbacks to his miss from the previous week from a similar situation. Visibly shaking, Sam shunted the ball home. 2-1 Adel.

The fourth and final goal of the goal also came in the first half. Will found himself running into the D unchallenged yet again. This time remembering he’s Will Purdy and he scores goals, he took the strike and coolly dispatched it into the bottom corner. The sort of goal you should be scoring in the warm up shot-box rather than trying to take your own goalkeeper’s head off. 3-1 Adel. HT.

Not many positives to take from the second half apart from not conceding. Birdy nearly walked the ball into our own net, Sam got a green card for having a second swing at a shot even though the whistle had gone and everyone else had stopped, and James threw another hissy fit after not being passed to when he was unmarked in the D. Gaz picked up a yellow card for a deplorable tackle from bottom which was due to frustration, fatigue and definitely lack of skill. Are the pleas from teammates for Gaz to ‘go back to defence’ still valid after this weeks’ tackling display?

At the end of it all, despite the lacklustre second half, Adel were comfortable in not losing the game against a strong, competitive opponent.

Pizza Hut was good.

MOM – ‘Solid’ Birdy

DOD – Not-so-solid Gaz ‘Nugget’ Maver

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