This past Saturday Adel Men’s 1st XI took the short-ish trip across to play City of York 2s. A review of their league position was a small cause for concern after a below-par away performance last week and York appearing strong at home (having won 4 from 4 at home).

We were advised by Big Ben to forget the previous performance and focus on showing the league that we are the best. As such, despite a promising start by York it was Adel who took the lead with strong play Adel took the lead through Watto. As has become a theme of the season, he took it upon himself to show the rest of the team how to play. A few more goals followed by Jimmy, Watto and Phil as well as a spirited attacked by York.

Half time score: 4-1.

After some more words of encouragement we took to the second half intending to demolish York and improve on our goal difference. A beautiful team goal, starting at the back with some solid defensive work by Tino the ball was played left to Kieran and eventually fired in for Watto to score, diving in at the back post. A beautiful goal leading to a short stoppage as the umpire pushed the goal back into place. More goals following by Phil, Jimmy and James to leave the score at 8-1 to Adel in the dying seconds.

Unfortunately having watched some excellent attacking play for the previous 69 minutes and feeling sorely left out our keeper made the emphatic choice to flatten the opposition striker from behind the very first time they entered the D in the 2nd half…conceding a penalty stroke. This was promptly dispatched by the opposition leading to a final score of 8-2.

MotM: Watto.

DotD: Josh.

This coming Saturday, the Men’s 1st XI will be hosting Bradford 1st XI in a top of the table clash. Both sides are undefeated in Yorkshire Premier League and it promises to be an exciting clash. The team would be grateful for your support.

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