1 down, 21 games to go! Encouraged by last week’s loss and with a squad of 12, the Ladies 1’s returned to Fortress Adel for the first home game of the season. This week’s opponents, Newcastle University 1st Team.

Warm ups completed, Newcastle provided a very questionable pop culture soundtrack. Adel a colour clash on the fluorescent spectrum, Orange, Pink and Yellow

Adel dominated the first portion of the game, quelling attacks and disrupting the momentum of Newcastle. The wingers of Baker, Smith and Wood pressing as high as possible forcing the Newcastle defence further and further in their own half. Midfield of Blyth, Gwen, Richardson and Hesselwood plugging the gaps and pouncing on the oppositions wayward defensive passes. Adel advanced and advanced penetrating the Newcastle numerous times, Wood unable to round the keeper on the first attempt, more chances, and more near misses.

The breakthrough came mid first half, unfortunately at the wrong end. The defensive line of Gibson, Henry, Taylor and Blyth unable to sustain the carbon fibre wall anymore, a shot expertly saved by Sazzle, only for the ball to pop out from under her pads to the surprise of the attacker hugging the far post. 1-0 Newcastle

Adel responded, a lovely threaded ball sent through by A Blyth set Woody up for 1 v 1 attempt number 2. Keeper dives right, Woody goes left and casually pushes the ball over the line, 1-1.

Second half, both teams attacked, both teams defended, the ball whizzing from one end of the pitch to the other. Break away after break away initiated by the midfield quartet. Adel 2-1 up with less than 10 minutes to go, a goal scored by Gwen but set up by Baker, alas not to be, umpired ruled disallowed!

The game finished 1-1, a disappointing final result, but more to build on for next week

DOD- Catherine Henry, formation and positioning not her strongest attribute

MON – Katie Wood, a Woody special on her return


Thanks to all those who came out and supported! A special mention to Henry Henry who lit up the day in his orange onesie!


By Katy Blyth

Categories: Match Reports