Another weekend, another 2 games for the Men’s 4s as we welcomed Chapeltown 4s to Adel on Saturday and then Bradford 4s on Sunday. Taking another 6 points would see our current lead at the top of the league strengthen further as we pull away from Worksop 2 who are looking to be our main competitors in this league given their goal scoring record so far.

Details of the Saturday are few because I wasn’t there but we did win 6-0. Allan bagged another 2 for himself with some clinical shooting, Brayshaw spent all afternoon charging around and eventually rewarded himself with a goal. Mark Richards, AKA the roaming centre back, found himself in the D and sent a shot at full power straight into the backboard, despite being a yard away when a tap in would suffice. Luke Taylor scored again taking his tally to 5 goals from 3 shots which is the most remarkable achievement this year. I believe Captain Sam snagged the 6th goal but I don’t remember on account of not being there.

MotM was given to Matt Brown for another high energy performance on his part and DotD was a close call between myself and anonymous Craig. Craig took the medal home in the end though due an act of stupidity when someone subbed off Greg but he took himself off for a nice rest leaving us with 10 men on the pitch.

The day’s proceedings were followed with a lively night at the Adel club and some… interesting venue choices in town for Sam Jackson’s birthday. Highlights of the wrestling match between “The Treasurer” and “The Cannon” are available on demand from myself, rumour has it there’s a rematch brewing… Also we learned that Gin or no Gin might not be a good idea, Luke is terrible at a game of 16 heads, and manager Clare needs to get back on the gains to beat Jackson at an arm wrestle.

Sunday involved several fuzzy heads from the antics the night before, the worst being Luke Taylor and our resident senior centre back Bob Sibley. To prove that the youths of today can’t keep up with age and experience, Bob played a full 70 minutes while Luke put himself on the bench and didn’t move all game.

Tom Beale took up the role of managing the formation and team and immediately benched me (first and last time managing I think…). In place of Milesy we had a new keeper to Adel who’s taken a 14 year break from Hockey, Matt Cooper. From some of the saves he made and help with organising the defensive line it didn’t look like he’d even taken a weekend off. We also had the Sutton duo up top with Joe Sutton making his Adel return after a few years at Uni.

The game started and it was advantage Adel as we pressed into their D and the young Joe Greer making yet another immediate impact in the 4s with a baseline run and pass across the D to Brayshaw. Unfortunately he missed this chance but within 2 minutes the same thing happened and surely lightning couldn’t strike twice for Matty… This chance was missed too (although it should be mentioned Joe G had the chance to score but decided to continue his assisting spree and pass instead #teamplayer).

We were eventually rewarded with the sound of a ball striking the backboard from Joe S which was quickly followed by 3 more. The main highlight of the first half was Brayshaw who was up to double jug avoidance for missed chances (apparently lightning can strike 6 times within 35 minutes), Joe S completing a hat-trick, Bob passing to the umpire instead of his own players, and Joe G and Rich Bingham both scoring neat deflections. Bradford were strong on the counter with 2 midfielders able to link up nicely. Fortunately with the wise head of Sibbers sweeping and Matt Cooper looking strong in goal we went into the halftime break 5-0 up.

A team talk from Beale later and we were back on the pitch looking to extend our lead, aiming for double figures. Bradford seems to have a switch around and their midfield started to outnumber us in the second half so our own wide midfielders had to drop narrow to keep ourselves from being too exposed. Despite the new added pressure, we snagged a 6th goal, courtesy of Bingham who apparently thrives on the wing despite appearances. Bradford would then fight back, the most noticeable of chances came from a shot being blazed over the bar by the aforementioned midfielders.

The Sunday blues had set into the 4s as we weren’t as clinical in the first half but we had acres of space in the middle of the pitch to exploit which we used to move the ball up the pitch quickly. Stefan slotted home the 7th goal of the day (stolen by Charlie Sutton on the goal line, he claims it was going wide) and then a neat drag flick into the side netting rounded off our tally for the day.

MotM was given to Joe Greer for a second time, and it’s only his 3rd game in the mighty phwoars, for being an assisting king, scoring a neat deflection, and looking to have even more fitness than our own personal trainer, Joe Phelps. DotD was a close call between Bob Sibbers for the aforementioned pass to the umpire and Brayshaw for triple jug avoidance. The medal was in the end presented to Brayshaw for missing the chances presented and not becoming Adel’s top goalscorer in the process.

17 clean sheets out of 30 games is probably a record at Adel but I don’t have the resources to check

6 points, 14 goals, and 0 conceded, is as good a weekend we could ask for. The coming Saturday sees us travelling down the M1 to play Worksop 2s who have promised good beer and food post-match. Also they are our main contenders in taking the league title and since they’ve scored a few more goals than us so far, it should be an exciting and challenging affair for both teams and potentially a decisive game for the league.

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