After a two-week lay off since any hockey (exercise of any sort) was played by Adel they arrived at ‘Gate’ with some slight trepidation. A strong team talk from Big Ben and the relief to see Gaz ‘Nugget Junkie’ Maver arrive, the men in Orange were ready.

A ferocious start from Adel gave them many a chance, completely bewildering ‘Gate’. Eventually, a great aerial ball from Will Purdy allowed Simon Ball to enter the ‘D’ and finish with a tremendous strike across goal – 1 zip!!

Unfortunately, Harrogate struck back through what can only be described as a bobbly counter attack – 1-1!!

Adel continued to look dangerous through the space down both flanks but couldn’t quite nail the basics and make the correct decisions. Through constant pressure to the Harrogate back line Sam Harris neatly rounded the keeper and slotted home – 1-2!!

As the first half drew to an end Adel continued to look below par with too many turn overs and poor decisions. However, inevitably Adel found themselves in the ‘Gate’ D and after a scrappy battle Sam Harris squeezed through a strike 1 -3!!


The second half started with Adel looking much more composed and in control of the game. This was short-lived. Harrogate applied pressure and the deeper Adel went the more the standards dropped. The game heated up slightly, Mayhew received a green card and the game continued.

15 minutes into the second half Big Ben shot off to York to help out the 2’s. Adel continued to soak pressure up and drift away from their usual game which dried up chances. Not much to report on the second half apart from Harrogate’s second goal which was scored from a short corner after the final whistle.


Harrogate 2 – Leeds Adel – 3.

Post game, Harrogate hospitality was fantastic as usual and facilities superb.

MOM – Sam Harris

DOD – James Mayhew

Match Report by James Mayhew.

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James Mayhew

James Mayhew · 6th December 2017 at 11:28 am

Heavily edited

James Mayhew

James Mayhew · 6th December 2017 at 11:28 am

Communist propaganda

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