(to the tune of ‘Regulate’ by Warren G)


It was a cold-damp day, a cold-sharp wind

Boag is on the street, trying to be swift

A desk for the eve, so he can pull the grave-yard shift

Just rollin’ in his banger, chillin’ all alone


Just hit the south side of LS3

On a mission trying to make time to meet

Seen a car full of faces, no need to rush

All the guys know whats up with Andy B.


So he darts to the left on the M-6-2

Some oppos getting parked, so he said, “Lets do this!”

He jumps out the car, and said, “where to?”

Some others pointed sticks, so he said, “It’s there.”


Since these guys have been dee-layed, he’s gonna glide and glade

The lockers lookin’ battered so he hit the bench

Gonna think of better things than some Indian tricks

He sees his homeys and some suckers all in the mix.


He’s getting bested, he’s breakin himself

He can’t believe they’re mauling Stroomi’s tricks

They picked his pass, the blocked his shot

He looked at the brothas and said, “Damn, what’s next?”


They had the team all hemmed in, and they all around

Not one of them seeing if they going straight man for man

He gotta come on real quick before they start to drown

He betta pull out a trick to lay them down


They had shots to the goal

He thought we’re going down

He couldn’t believe this happened. They were drawn 3-3.

If he had skills, he would play

He tried to contemplate

He glanced to the top and could see his Buller mate


Sixteen yard hit, he hit one in the whole

Buller mate is about to make Fax hearts’ cold

It’s a tad bit slack, it hits the goals back

The umpire called back-stick mate

It could only be described as capitulate


We laid the sticks down

The minds explode

Now his mind is switching back to Fox mode

If you want skirts step back and observe

Alfie left a gang of those over there on the curb


The fox got freaks

And that’s a known fact

Before he got packed he was on the fame track

Back up, back up ’cause it’s on

B-O-A-G got DOD

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Andrew Boag

Andrew Boag · 24th October 2017 at 10:32 am

Who writes this garbage

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