Match Report  Adel 2s  8 Lindum 3s 1


It was a cold start to the day and somewhere in Lincoln a small group of men gathered in a car park near a lay by. Meanwhile at a church in Leeds, Harry had just finished his shift at the crypt and satisfied that at least some of his flock were both warmer and less deplete, began his journey across Leeds to Adel. As skip was standing in for Rolf down under, Rich ‘Peter Pan’ Partner was skip for the day. Sham came late, although I couldn’t be sure as he was stood behind Paddy, our junior for the day. A slight surprise in the formation saw fellow veteran Si T pulled back to form part of a back 3. At this point we drew attention to the away game and the pivotal role played by the two wingers Bosh and Strimmer, who have speed, skill and size or lack of it. The question for today was whether Bewford and Bugle could give us the same.

In hindsight, none of this was relevant really but I don’t want to delve too deeply into what happened to those 12 men who left that lay by in Lincoln.

The game started and still Si hasn’t replied to my text: ‘Si, it’s G and I have no idea who scored the goals and in what order.’

Jim blew, Rich farted and the game started.

Soon it was very apparent that this was not the side we played away. We had time on the ball and in a few swift passes between Sam and Miles led to Sam having a clear shot at the keeper. 1-0.

Si’s text is through:

‘I’m hopeless as well.’

‘Jackson scored the first and you scored the last.’

Here’s a stab in the dark. Miles scored the second after a fine solo run and pass from Bugle. I remember him lifting the ball weakly past the keeper. At the time I thought, that was lucky, or was I thinking of my speed awareness course – I forget. Miles scored again I think and that made it more to us than them. At half time Rich said stuff that made us score 4 in the second half – well done skip.

Si text says that the first goal may have been a majestic reverse stick hit after the ball fell from the sky. Notice ‘may.’ They scored in the first half and that was okay cus we already had loads. Erm in the second half I went off for Rich because he is ageless. I remember Sam being sent off for being weird. The next and last thing I remember is my goal. A crisp strike to Sam or Miles was followed by a darting run by GGG –  FFFOOORRRCCCCEEEEEEEEE who timed his dive with Sam’s return perfectly and taking several layers off his left elbow, scuffed a shot that rolled pathetically under the keeper’s two legs. I think that was about the end of the game.

Other things I noticed. Ed ‘Luiz’ Crocker had some lung busting runs and set up a near goal after being assaulted several times. Bewford was as passionate as always and his selfless style worked a treat on both wings. Bugle too chose perfectly when to release and he played with renewed confidence after always being at the wrong end of everyone’s jokes. Ibison and Si didn’t have much to do at the back so why Si can’t remember anything I have no idea. Sham and Rich picked lots of pockets as usual and added to the general vibe of ‘get the ball and give the ball.’ Making his debut, young Paddy began to get to grips with the pace and made some great passes down the line. I am sure he will go on.. (I’m not writing his school report).

MOM went to Sam for being better than usual. DOD went to Sam for being usual.

Rob’s new pads remain unmarked.

That is honestly – all I can remember.


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