The Men’s 5th team went down 4-1 to Chapeltown 3s in their last game of the season.   Chap deserved  the win, although the score is slightly flattering – Adel dominated play in the second half and won a succession of short corners. But the damage had already been done in the first period, and the lack of a practised routine meant the odds of scoring from a short corner were slim, especially in the absence of the hat-wearing hit-man.

3-0 down at the interval and the team needed to show some pride in the shirt to keep the scoreline respectable. Despite playing with a bare 11, there was a much bigger effort in the second half, 50/50 balls were won, we began to use the wings to get round the back, and eventually the team got their reward. A senior player (good looking in an athletic, M&S, silver fox kind of way) with vast experience and a very old stick and trainers (thanks for pointing that out Rich) ghosted into the D and played a slick one two with Matty. The youngster slipped the ball square with a neat reverse pass, leaving our Messianic veteran with only the keeper to beat.  The clouds parted, heavenly angels sang, and a voice boomed down from above: “score this one for me, son”.   Palpable proof of God’s existence, and a lesser player would have choked, but showing the wisdom of the years and ice cold nerves of steel, the fans’ favourite drew the keeper before calmly slotting the ball between his legs and into the goal. The crowd went wild, and team-mates rushed to applaud their brilliant guide and mentor whose tireless efforts in defence throughout the season had almost certainly prevented him becoming the top scorer, probably.   Finishing off with a cheeky forward roll, in honour of absent friends, seemed like the right thing to do, and shortly afterwards the final whistle blew to bring the curtain down on a fantastic season for the 5s.

DoD Skully, obviously, MoM yours truly, about time too.

That’s it for 2017/18, thank you to everyone who has played, umpired, and most of all supported us. With a development team of oldies and young guns we have outscored almost every team in the division, made friends and won admirers throughout the county, and given the deserved league champions (our very own 4th team) a run for their money in a couple of close fought games.

Thank you and good night.  And God bless…

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