Last week the 4s suffered a frustrating 2-0 loss against Bradford despite having most of the possession and the majority of play being in the oppositions half. You wouldn’t have thought this was one of the first times we had played together as a team with great positioning and passing throughout the game. Their keeper and defence were too strong for us on this occasion, saving numerous shots on goal despite best efforts to hit the backboard. At the other end of the pitch a heroic Nicole had stepped up to the task of GK but unfortunately the team couldn’t do enough to stop the goals slipping through.

Dod went to Nicole and Rosie for making the special effort to get to the pitches early, they just didn’t go to the right grammer school… Nicole also gets a special mention for the spectacular stripe across her forehead caused by the keeper’s helmet. Mom went to Sarina on her debut for Adel for some great movement up front.


This weekend the 4s had an absolute stormer of a game winning 5-1 against Uni of Leeds 5s. With coach Katy on the sidelines we put the new formation into action and it definitely worked! Bish and Morag held the centre steady with the inners Megan, Charlie and Sarah all doing a fantastic job at working the ball in and out of the centre to the wingers. To seal the deal Becky and Georgie were a lethal pair up front scoring 2 goals apiece with Megan smashing in the 5th.

Mom went to Bish, Sarah and Georgie (the latter two both on their Adel debut) for mad stick skills and great work in the centre. Georgie also is awarded Dod for calling Sarah ‘Claire’ for the entirety of the match, as is Rosie for failing to score despite her big wind up. Better luck next week mate!

All in all, an encouraging start for the 4s, I’m very excited for the season ahead!

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