With an absent captain and an influx of new players the 2’s fielded 1 Junior, 3 Vets, 4 Debutants, 1 Cricketer, 1 ex first teamer, 1 national running champion, 1 weird guy, 1 sham and a hybrid powered Boag. All the ingredients of a typical new squad for division 1.

An early start in York saw Adel take territorial advantage as the new squad blended well. The first goal came after a series of attacking moves and finally the ball fell to Mo Farah’s new training partner, who calmly placed the ball past the GK’s inside post. That was to be the only goal in a low scoring game dominated by Adel in the first half and York in the second.

The lack of goals kept the tension levels high throughout, and in a game where both teams lacked the killer pass or shot, it was the Adel debutant keeper jack who was the difference between the 2 teams. A string of fine saves saw him gain his first MOM award for his first clean sheet. Other notable performances came from the youngest member of the team Joe, who having offloaded Mr Stroomer from his pocket from training, continued to impress in many positions.

There were several firsts in this game.

• Never before had the umpire blown for an early break from the half way line, then wasn’t sure what the penalty was for that offence.
• Never before have so many people gone to a bar to find their choice of drink was off the menu
• Never before has a player lost his battery pack mid-way during defensive duties

There was one constant though
• DOD Boag, however top effort and we look forward to his opta stats once downloaded.

3 point and the 2’s are off and running. Next week sees the return of the Captain and more hopeful 2’s squad members.

Thanks to the opposition and umpires for hospitality

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