The mighty phowars were praying to mother nature to keep the snow off till at least after 13:00 when they were due to play Slazengers which if we won would make us champions and gain a second promotion in two seasons. After some persistence from both teams, Slazengers called to say the game could go ahead.

Before a single hockey ball was touched there were a few people who could have easily got themselves DOTD. Luke Taylor mainly for forgetting that his car wasn’t 4-wheel drive and destroying somebodies garden. Craig Smith for forgetting how to drive a car. And finally, Phelps for trying to carry some ladders upside down.

Once the game started it was clear we weren’t going to have everything our own way. However, after a succession of short corners and Sibbers deciding he wanted to play up front, we took the lead through an absolute cannon from Phelps. (By cannon I mean a very soft flick which had that much spin it took everybody by surprise including their player on the line) The second goal came from the agile Bingham, taking half of their team on and slotting home from a ridiculous angle. The third came from a well worker short corner routine executed by Charlie and deflected in by Phelps.

Half time came and after a quick formation change we were ready for the second half. To ensure our lead we unleashed the cannon from centre back and brought him into the midfield. Unfortunately for Luke it made no difference, he still didn’t score. The post and a fine save from their keeper made sure the cannon was still miss firing. Goals followed from Matt Lilly and Allan which meant we ended the game 5-0 winners.

MOTM- Went to Ben Carlin for some silky-smooth runs down the wing and a top defensive performance.

DOTD- Could have gone to a few people but the ever-reliant Luke Taylor took DOTD not for the above-mentioned facts but because he stole Matt Lillys towel and refused to accept that he wasn’t the only person in the world with a blue towel.

That’s the phowars second promotion and top of the table finish in two years. We have one remaining game against Bradford this weekend and then we will be hot footing back to Adel for the Celebration drinks to start!

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