6th place Airedale were the unlucky folk to face table toppers Adel Men’s 2s on Saturday 17th February. Free scoring, tight at the back – the 2s went into the game with an exceptionally healthy (I should know I’ll be a doctor in 15 months) 27-0 February record.

With Messrs Crocker and soon-to-be-Crocker away at a wedding (not sure if it was theirs) the team were missing there so-solid defender Ed, and that chap that likes to dribble a lot ‘cause he’s a lot better than everyone in the league, James.  Edd Holford, continuing to build on his rich vein of wisdom that includes starting himself over free-scoring Jackson each week to prevent the keen chap being recruited by the 1s, decided that the fact his two best players were missing did not matter and picked from the same 15 that have been ever present for most of the season.

This trust was quickly shown to be misplaced as the combined speed and brain power of the new back 3 of veterans Sham and Si with resident weirdo Luke was quickly overrun, overpower and outplayed. Adel were in total disarray. Airedale were giving us s**t by asking how we were top of the league (44 points from a possible 51 with one loss all season was how) and the crowd of nearly 7 were getting restless.

1-0 down as Rob opened his legs to a tame shot. 1-1 as Buller scored from the furthest out he has all season (3 yards). 2-1 as Higgins opened his legs again after another tame shot which resulted off a J-run Bishop would have been proud of by some fast-fella on the right (more on him later). Holford shot, it got stopped by a foot (near) on the line – FLICK. Up steps Big Ben, fresh from coaching the 1s but certainly not looking fresh as he’d had to make the run from the centre spot to the p-flick spot for the flick (doubling his distance run in the entire game). Goal. Dribbled into the bottom left like a pro. Ross Nichols take note. 2-2. Airedale took the lead again literally seconds later as G forgot he was playing deep centre (to be fair his mind was probably elsewhere). 3-2. 4-2 down, not sure how but almost certainly something to do with Boag. Bishop then made it 4-3 before half time with a short corner finish.

Half time saw newly promoted 2s team coach Clare Hesselwood provide some gems of advice. Watch out Ben she’ll be eyeing up the 1s job next and she’s savage enough to leave the lower teams behind to further her career – R.I.P the 3s. It basically went like this – Bish take Shams place at the back, Sham take G’s place, Jackson just run around after the fast guy on the right, and G take Boag’s place to leave him on the bench; this was after all not a water-based pitch.

We played much better in the second half. Bishop first chipped a ball 70 years to Buller who subsequently rounded a player and smashed the ball from top-D into the net. He then scored another later on – this man is becoming more like self-proclaimed club legend Will ‘services to the ladies 2s, 3s, 4s’ Purdy every day.

Bishop scored another late on, 6-4. Airedale were kindly reminded why we are better than them, as the 1s were in the league above last season. A club on decline.

Man was a toss up until the very end between Bishop and Jackson but ended in the arms of the fomer in a cruel twist of MoM/ DoD voting.

Dick went to Higgins. After all, the only person to blame for a goal ever going in is the keeper.

Next is Hallam 4s (or whoever they decide to play to try and win the league) in what will probably be the deciding game to see who wins the league.

P.s please don’t drop (redistribute) me again.

Match report by Sam Jackson.

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Tom Beale

Tom Beale · 21st February 2018 at 12:33 pm

Sam Jackson your best contribution to Adel in 4 seasons

Miles Buller

Miles Buller · 21st February 2018 at 12:54 pm


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