With the freezing Russian winds threatening a frozen pitch, it was a joy to discover that the pitch was ready for the Mens 1s to take on Sheffield Bankers. 12pm arrived and a large collection of the squad gathered by the pitch to support the Ladies 1s and after they secured 3 points, we knew we had to do the same.

Now memory of all the goals is very hazy because there were 14 in total. However, what can be said is that when we normally go into the half time huddle with a seven goal advantage, we have been known to take our feet off the gas and let the opposition play hockey. This was not the case on Saturday.

Lots of short corners were won in the first half with four of those being in the first 20minutes of the match. Conversion rating? 100%. Who scored them? Who knows? Who cares? What is obvious is that recent short corner training has certainly been beneficial. Several minutes past and we managed to slot home an additional three goals before the whistle. 7-0.

We marched back out after half time to score another 7. An excellent display of team goals;  passing the ball at pace,  defending very well and with some excellent finishing too. It wasn’t a clean sheet though because Coach Ben decided to play with the formation with minutes to go which allowed Josh Berry and his three in defence to let one through. Goal of the match went to Gaz Maver for his beautiful deflection after a well-placed pass from Simon Ball. Steal of the match went to James ‘Poach’ Moorhouse after he poached Sam Harris’ flick as it was crossing the line from a penalty corner.

Final whistle: 14-1
Played: 19
Won: 19
Goals for: 124
Goals against: 28
Goal difference: 96

3 games to go. Bring it on!

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