March 29th is an exciting time for us all, heralding the return to grass-root sports and hockey!

Whilst we are still waiting on the official guidance from England Hockey, who in turn are waiting on the government, here is a rough guide of what to expect.

At Adel we are putting the emphasis on getting our members back to hockey QUICKLY and SAFELY, with people having FUN.

Physical and Mental Health

You may be feeling less fit than you would normally be, which is ok, there is no pressure for anyone to be ‘fighting fit’ coming out of a long lockdown.

  1. We expect all members to be encouraging and non-judgemental of each other.
  2. Be assured: no one is assessing fitness levels or hockey ability.

 Lockdown has been a hard time for many of our members

  1. We understand that for some the prospect of going back to hockey may be too much.
  2. Further details on how we are preparing to return safely are available via our covid officer, and shortly on the website.
  3. Talk to fellow team members or your captain or club captain (Gabby or Greg) if you would like extra support.
    1. Extra resources are available below.
  4. To help alleviate some of the stresses some members may be experiencing, there will be no talk of team selection for several months following our return.

 This means members can concentrate on enjoying the hockey, playing friendlies and re-uniting with friends.

The Format

For at least 2 weeks we will be running all training sessions adult and juniors as per normal timings.

We will try and put on some inter club friendly mixed games over the weekends.

  • This gets our members back to hockey quickly AND safely.
  • We will look at the guidance when it arrives and re-assess what else we can offer after these 2 weeks.

The emphasis of these sessions is FUN.

  • Every team will want to do this differently – be it game play, skills, drills
  • Captains, talk to your squads and your coaches to see what you want to get out of them – it can change week to week!
  • The sessions will be team based, there should be no team mixing at training.



  • Hand sanitiser
  • Social distancing when not playing
  • Face-masks for walking to and from the pitch

Anything you aren’t sure about, or want to talk to someone at the club in confidence? Please get in contact with any of the following.

If you don’t have their contact info please use our contact us form and we will put you in touch.

Men’s Club Captain – Greg Hilton

Women’s Club Captain – Gabby Nusenbaum

Junior Co-ordinator – Pam Hardaker

Covid Officer – Hannah Fisk

Welfare Officer – Bridget Petty

Other Resources



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