An overcast morning at the Adel fortress seemed to suit the mood from Sam Ellis after he enjoyed one too many beverages the night before. After watching the Men’s 1s beat Lindum 10-0 we decided to head down to Wakefield with all the intentions of showing them what a real score line looks like… It didn’t quite turn out as hoped.

Despite being the home team for this game, it was the 4th team on the M1 once again. The fixture had been rearranged as the Adel fortress was booked up. You can take the team out of Adel, but you can’t take Adel out of the team.

The game started off with their midfield, who must have had an IV drip of pop rocks before the match, using their pace to try and break us down in the middle. As ever the defensive duo of Andy Grindrod and Bob Sibley, with Luke Taylor stepping up to in the absence of Nic Crocker, didn’t allow them to get many chances. That said, something clearly went wrong as they were 1 goal up in 15 minutes.

Adel then turned the gear up and we pushed back to their end of the pitch making several chances for ourselves. Eventually our grit paid off when, Damian managed to bewilder the opposition with a completely intentional topped shot that managed to bobble over several sticks and past the keeper to level the goal line. We could almost feel Paul shed a tear of joy over our well worked, textbook goal.

The game restarted with box to box action as Damian Greig, Sam “unloved” Ellis, Joe Phelps, and Ross Nichols battled with their pacey midfielders up and down the pitch. Despite receiving constant jeers from their supporters and someone who looked like he should be in primary school, we managed to reward ourselves with another goal. Placement over power was what worked in the end despite Damian winding up a shot that looked like he was practicing for a Happy Gilmore remake. Halftime came about with Adel 2-1 up.

The second half started with more box to box action and our midfield once again getting a work out that would put Sam Jackson’s warm ups to shame. Several chances came and went with some absolutely cracking efforts from youngster Charlie Sutton going, as ever, for the ambitious reverse and some blinding shots into the top corner only to be saved by a Salmon diving Wakefield keeper.

The final ten minutes of the game were nervous as we only had a one goal lead and knowing one mistake would be punished by this Wakefield squad. In our desperate time, up stepped the centre back, Luke Taylor and his infamous cannon (Christened by Harry “much loved” Ellis). After a slap into the D from Damian Greig, in comes the thundering reverse cannon from Luke to lift the ball through the wide open legs of the keeper for it to land on the exciting side of the white line in the goal.

With a 3-1 lead we could almost relax. Apparently some of our members took this a little too seriously as with only a couple of minutes to go, the score suddenly became 3-2. Fortunately our resolve held and with the final whistle securing us a further 3 points and extending our continued unbeaten streak to 22 games.

A lovely Mexican tea was put on by Wakefield while fines were collected. MotM was a close call between Luke Taylor for finally unleashing his cannon but he was pipped by one vote and our other junior Ben Carlin took the medals for managing more tackles in one match than N’Golo Kante. DotD ended up being given to Luke despite his best efforts. A close call for Ross Nichols who received several votes for shouting at the aforementioned primary school child.

Next game is yet another trip down the M1 to Sheffield where we take on the Hallam 8s.


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