Match Report by Ross Nichols

A bright and sunny Sunday morning at the Adel fortress was our mid-October treat as 3s and 4s had the first bout of their respective cups. The weather is courtesy of the storm that will apparently bring about the end of time but we take what we can get. There were multiple players (and supporters interestingly) feeling less than 100% as the previous night at the Adel club quickly escalated. We think introducing the club to Skittle bombs was a mistake…

A few rough heads were scattered throughout the squad but optimism was as high as ever for the Mighty Phwoars as the game begun at exactly just after 3pm. New member Iain Mitchell was making his debut for us as a striker while the returning Matt Brown took up a defensive midfield role. The game started fairly slowly as the 4s advanced up the pitch as a whole squad while the younger wingers for Driffield preferred playing on the counter attack. Eventually our organised attacks paid off when Damian Greig slotted home the first goal of the day at around the 15 minute mark.

This proved a bit of turning point as we started to camp more and more in their half and eventually Stefan slotted home the nicest goal we’ve seen all season. A ball slipped through the defence which was lifted, then half volleyed straight into the net past the advancing keeper.

After this Driffield pushed back through our tiring midfield (Tom Beale noticeably more than the rest but this was his 4th game of the weekend) and spent an awful long time sitting 5 players in our left corner. This unusual tactic worked well however as we struggled for ten minutes to move the ball forward more than a few feet and eventually they managed to get a goal back. 2-1, game on.

Not content with scoring his first screamer of a goal, Stefan once again found some room in opponents D and scored again from what would normally accrue a fine for the ridiculous angle. Getting the two goal lead just before the half ended was a big relief and gave us some breathing room as we knew Driffield were going to come out strong.

When the game restarted it was once again Driffield, as predicted, piling the pressure on in our left corner. Some excellent stops from our defensive line Greg, Luke, Ben, and Tom, kept our 2 goal cushion intact while Andy Miles made some cracking saves to keep their crosses from ever becoming a real threat. Multiple short corners came and went with the pace of Matt Brown closing down their strikers so fast they barely had time to receive the injection let alone get a shot away.

After this it was Adel once again on the front foot, pushing down the right hand side with some excellent through balls from Luke “cannon” Taylor. Our 4th goal came courtesy of Matthew Brayshaw who celebrated like he’d won us the league title. 10 minutes to go and Sam Ellis who missed a plethora of chances the day before, took a lovely flick in the D to the far post to take the score line to 5-1. That said, it doesn’t quite make up for the jug avoidance in Sheffield.

Our MotM and DotD was decided by Sam Ellis since no one else voted. MotM given to Stefan for his cracking goals and DotD to Brayshaw for refusing to play for the 3s in their match despite several knackered phwoarth team players putting a shift in. Mentions to Damian for telling Beale to put some intensity in despite playing 4 games in two days and Matt Brown for a very successful return to 4s.

Next week sees us at home to Chapeltown 3s, playing after the Men’s 1s who are also having a very strong start to the season. Also the second round of our cup is the day after on Sunday and a win in that fixture would see us in the final next April! As ever, onwards to the next game.

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