The sun was out, the scene was set, pitch drying from the night before,

Boston spa appeared, no subs in tow, ready to face phwoars.

Alex, pictured here talking in Sheffield about a recent fishing trip, graced us with his presence just in time for push back.

Greig smashed 2 in early on, one with particular style.

Inbetween which a faux pas from Ellis which made the crowd smile.

A pavonine goal from Whytock wooed the even more so, and their smiles grew a mile.

The ball briefly entered Adel’s defence, until Nic drove it away,

(a quick mention here that no short corners were given today!)

Macaleer knew what he was doing as he herded the ball in every which direction,

finding every gap in Boston’s offence.

At some point in all the madness captain Ellis scored a blinder.

And Brayshaw got one too following his lead, to remind us he is a goal finder!.


Now facing the sun,

Smith ready to run,

Someone woke milesy up to swap halfs

Robert Burns reportedly stayed in Boston Spa en route to Edinburgh via York, following a dental appointment in London, 1795. Burns was a renowned poet and wordsmith. The 4’s reporter this week is sadly neither of those things despite a valiant effort.

Swapping thoughts, pride and water, on the goal border,

broke down any lingering babalaas

Great communication kept the 4s D well defended as Boston mounted a beefy attack.

By bringing down Hockin, hurting Brayshaw’s poorly ankle and most significantly breaking Phelps’s knee, Taylor was left lost in katzenjammer yelling to the gods for clarity.

To finish off the game, with little time to spare, Adel were granted a last sparkle of charity…

Grindy and Palenski strang several slick passes, through Boston’s badasses,

to Hockin who managed to hit the ball on target (for once) to a well placed goal hanging Greig who slipped the ball into the dark recesses of the net for a nice round 6 to compliment the defence’s clean sheet.


MOTM: Craig Smith, with credit to Joe Morris. DOTD: Alex Hockin. MATCH REPORT: Alex Hockin. (EDIT: I feel obliged to point out that the score was in fact 5-0, not 6-0, and that unfortunately Brayshaw was not on the scoresheet. Next time bud.)

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