Last weekend Big Ben’s men faced City of York 3s. With the weather turning ever colder and wetter there were a few players regretting not bringing their thermals. However, the rain did hold off for the majority of the game and with the standard strong speech from Coach Ben, the team was ready to go.

Adel struggled to start off in the first half and seemed to be incapable of stringing more than a couple of passes together. However, as the team settled into the game there began to be some cohesion and sparks of team work. Big Ben’s men started to show City of York what they were capable of, by playing some slick, quick hockey. These efforts led Phil battling to get the first goal and expressing this joyous occasion to the whole of York with a primeval scream.

This gave Adel some confidence and 4 more goals from Purdy, Miles, Jimmy and Watto, created by clever play from the Adel team. This left Adel 5-0 up at half time.

Unfortunately, this confidence was quickly swept aside in the second half when City of York, scored 3 quick goals and Adel had to rebuild. But Big Ben’s men do not give up and the team battled on and this lead to one last goal from Miles, leaving the final score at 6-3 to Adel.

Thank you to City of York for hosting.

MOM – Gaz Maver (Great performance in the midfield)
DOD – Rory Jackson (Last game for Adel)

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