It is only appropriate to open with some wise words from Sham Ahmed ‘No matter your age and experience in life, the humble training cone can still cause you problems’.

The Adel boys arrived at the fortress with some new faces in their ranks:

    • Luke Meaton – A handy right back from London who loves big fines and has a healthy interest in social drinking.
    • Chris Wade – Another fine poach from Boston Spa, greatly enhancing the Adel back line.
    • Jackson’s new stick – Grays KN1100 RRP £349.99 and to quote the website ‘the traditional Jumbow blade profile is ideal for drag flicking and 3D skills’. I think we’re all looking forward to those.
    • Boag and his fox – £10,000 worth of ‘Japanese hunting wolf’ (Boag’s words…)

Jackson led the Adel boys on one of his traditionally lengthy warm-ups, challenging the teams resolve and fitness. Highlights include jogging round the various meadows that apparently surround the pitch and some useful stretches for the neck ensuring we were match ready – good work Jackson!

The game started with Adel displaying a glittering forward line-up of Stroomer, Bayford and Miles who set about some early pressure on our guests from Hallam. This was reinforced by a midfield that beautifully combined fitness and experience with Partner, Holford & Taylor linking up well. Further pressure from Adel was applied and the deadlock was broken with a tidy drag flick from Stroomer into the bottom corner. Some solid work at the back by Wade and Crocker kept Hallam out, with Luke and Tibsy always available for the transfer, nullifying any threat Hallam possessed. Adel continued to dominate the match which presented Miles with one of his classic poaching opportunities, no mistakes made, 2-0 Adel.

Half time came around with some wise words from Captain Holford and Sham also providing some useful comments, no mention of dangerous cones tho… The second half resumed with Adel largely on top, moving the ball around quickly, playing some good hockey. This led to another goal from Bayford who deflected a nice, yet very rare, strike from Miles in to the goal, 3-0 Adel. Further shorts were won by Adel with Stroomer stepping up to score his second of the game, demonstrating his versatility by opting not to drag and instead producing a delightful scuffed shot into the bottom corner, 4-0 Adel. Hallam then decided to show a little fight in the second half resulting in the ADL (Adel Defence League) giving away their clean sheet – those boys love their fines! New boy Luke also decided to throw his stick on the floor in protest at a short corner decision, somehow staying on the field. The final gloss was added by Bayford who finished nicely at the back post from a short corner routine, 5-1 final score.

MoM – Stroomer for his 2 goal contribution and great all round attacking play.

DoD – Crocker for producing some absolute filth in the tackle resulting in a (his first ever) green card.

The Adel boys then headed to the bar for a circa £60 fines circle and Sam Jackson negotiating the best bar deal in the history of bar deals…(5 Jugs of cider black, 5 jugs of snakebite, 20 Bulmers original & 24 WKD’s). The men’s 1’s, 3’s & 4’s joined and a great night was had by all. I think the poor student was still a tad short at the end of the night, so if anyone would like to contribute to his tab, let him know.

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Miles Buller

Miles Buller · 3rd October 2017 at 2:31 pm

‘One of his classic poacher opportunities’ – *Harry Kane like finish

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