As I drove down the sunny M1 on a Saturday afternoon munching away on my Coronation chicken sandwich I kept asking myself what this mysterious Wakefield team had to offer.

The team we resoundingly thumped 7-0 in the home leg of the fixture yet had beaten one of our title rivals and drawn with another in the past two weeks. The secrets were soon to be unearthed. Turns out I took too much time wondering and not enough time accelerating so when I turned up 25 minutes in (after the game was delayed 10 minutes) I found out the score was 0-1 to the good.

I was told by an enthusiastic Higgins (I was told after he had apparently just made a good save) that they were indeed much improved from the side that travelled to fortress Adel. It’s at this point that I cast my mind back a month or so to Gee’s match report. While reading it I did wonder how a man can fully take part in a hockey game and yet remember so little about it. Yet here I am trying to think of some noteworthy events while at the same time questioning if a game of hockey did actually go on or if I was just dreaming such is my lack of memory of the game.

The first goal (before my arrival) was apparently (according to Buller, the scorer) a good one from the top D. Therefore I have no doubt he poked it into an open goal from 2 yards. We went on to score 5 more, Miles got another and Jackson was also on the end of two good passes and scored into open goals. A combined distance for both of Jacksons goals after the game was settled at a generous 6 yards.

The last being almost the last touch of the game on the end of a magnificent team move that Barcelona in their prime would be proud to call their own. Bishop also scored two goals but I can’t even remember which half they were scored in never mind any sort of detail about them.

Man of the match was deservingly given to Rich Partner who managed to control their standout player for the whole match therefore nullifying their only real threat. A notable mention going to Higgins for keeping a clean sheet and a brief sing-song midway through the second half.

Credit for the clean sheet should also go to a very solid back 3 in Si Taylor, Crocker and Luke who, in truth, never looked like conceding a goal.

Dick of the Day was a close run thing between Boag and myself.

Boag for what can only be described as a barrage of lamp related snapchats and something about being a waterbased specialist and yet still playing as averagely as he normally does. Myself for turning up 25 minutes late and attempting (and failing) to throw an arial with my first touch. Boag, deservingly, took home the award and we are not at all looking forward to the inevitable furniture based snaps this week. I think that’s all I remember, all I can tell you is I need to get back to work to prevent me from being another 25 minutes late for our game this afternoon Vs Ramgharia which will be agricultural hockey at its very best. All support would be greatly appreciated as we look to press home our advantage at the top of the league.

report by J Stroomer

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Miles Buller

Miles Buller · 11th February 2018 at 7:50 pm

Disappointed I wasn’t mentioned as an integral member of keeping the clean sheet

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