words by L Meaton.

On a very blustery day that saw Sam Jackson chasing around a card he’d just brandished in the Ladies 2s game, Adel knew nothing but a win was good enough against bottom of the table Leeds5s. The opening exchanges were scrappy; with a number of new faces in the Leeds team they were much stronger than their league position would suggest (although they reverted to form on a re-arranged game the following day by losing 7-1 to Hull Uni, make of that what you will).

In a game of few chances, Adel took the lead after some excellent work from The Post, DC fed the ball into the D, with The Post finding an excellent angled pass back from the base line to an unmarked Bayford who slotted home.

The second half came and went. Leeds lost their heads late on and saw a couple of yellows.

With the job done it was time for the latest of the 2s fines nights, Ryder Cup Pub Golf!

An ambitious 14-hole 32-par course saw Yorkshire taking on The Rest of the World. Starting in Woodies, there were a number of fine finishes. More drinks were downed, VK’s were strawpedo’d without a straw (The 2s take their plastic waste very seriously) which was less than enjoyable.

Fast-forward to The Eldon, Team Yorkshire announced as winners, much to their excitement.

However since then, photos have emerged of some complete fails from their team, a pending investigation could result in penalty shots and a reversal of the result.

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