Adel 1’s vs Lindum Match report

After starting the season with arguably two of the most difficult away games of the season at Huddersfield and Hull and coming away with battling wins, the Men’s first team took to the Church Lane turf for their third game, entertaining Lindum second team.

The first team squad continued to be troubled with availability issues due to poorly planned holidays. This weeks absentees Watto, Harris, Sim, Tino and Gaz, just showing the strength and depth of this years squad. Phil Bayford got his chance following a strong start in the 2’s – rumour has it he paid Ben and Nathan as he was too scared to take on Ramgaria!

12 of Adels finest began the game with Simon Ball rushing up after doing a morning clinic in Sheffield making it 13 for the match. During the drive Bally had aspirations of turning up with the team struggling and stepping onto the pitch to save the day…

Making good time on the drive, he ran up tearing his shirt off like Superman with his Adel top underneath…He had just missed the first 12 minutes – The boys already 3-0 up – his dream shattered as he mumbled “well played boys”! 1 goal for Purdy, 1 for captain Hemming (a classic off drive that was more suited Headingley than the hockey pitch) and 1 for the Phil “backpost bandit” Bayford. The link up play from Moorhouse tearing the Lindum defence to pieces and he duly put another on a plate for Bayford who celebrated in his usual subdued fashion whipping out his pom poms hidden in his socks and jumping around like an over excited cheerleader. 4-0.

Adel spent the rest of the half camped in the Lindum half creating chance after chance however by this time Bally had made it onto the pitch and the previously clinical Adel turned somewhat wasteful. A short corner converted by Purdy made it 5-0 at half time.

Back down to 12 men for the second half (by now Paul “Club Captain, leader, coach, team player, no hair” Lewis had decided that his day was done and he would rather go and head to Manchester for the rugby final than see the game through) – we gathered in the goal to hoping for some wise words from Coach Hendley…none came, so out we went for the second half.

Adel continued to dominate with excellent press and pressure all across the pitch and when the ball did get through Green and Bird tidied up with aplomb – 5 minutes into the second half Birdy bent down to tie his shoe lace and felt a pop in the back of his leg – his hammy had gone, back to 11 with Paul “ronny the rhino” Lewis well and truly in the distance.

Despite the injury forcing a change in formation Adel continued to create chances. The forward line of Purdy, Moorhouse and Bayford worked well and combined to find the latter in the centre of the ‘D’ with a sharp turn and reverse stick finish into the corner – Hatrick – cue the Eric Cantona god celebration.

Moorhouse then turned from provider to scorer with a bobbled back stick reverse hit. Further good work from Purdy down the baseline and a terrible pull back somehow led to a stroke and whilst the players all looked for guidance from the Coach, Moorhouse had snaffled the ball was sat cross legged on the penalty spot refusing to budge unless he took it…a trick he has seen work time and time again for name sake – Greg at Wakefield.

Mayhew added his first of the season from a well worked short corner and the Bayford rounded off the scoring from another corner with a deflection from a Mayhew cross, he finished off his celebrations with the Klinsmann. 10-0.

A convincing performance however by no means perfect – increasing availability will begin to prove a headache for Coach and Captain.

Next weeks game is away to Boston Spa which sees former Spartans, Ball and Harris take on their former club in what is sure to be a feisty affair especially after Harris’s deadline day move and Spa not being able to find a replacement.

MOM – Phil “four goal” Bayford

DOD – Simon “should have stayed in Sheffield” Ball

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