After a prolific cup performance in which they had served up a an 8-0 drumming to the side they were facing up against for their first league game of the season the Men’s 1s were on a high. However, they were very aware that the Huddersfield Dragons were missing a few key players the week before and were now at home so were told very sternly by Ben Hendley to not get complacent.

The lads obviously listened well as they were 1-0 down inside 10 minutes……

Nonetheless, they did not let this phase them. Adel quickly came back to remind the Dragons why they had walked over them the week before with some quick play into the Dragons D saw Pete Sim score a goal so good that fans are saying should be given goal of the season award immediately. Swamped by defenders the new big money signing somehow found enough space to get a fierce strike away from an impossibly tight angle that screamed past the terrified keepers left ear lobe. Rumor has it the keeper hasn’t slept since. 1-1….game on.

As the half went on momentum ebbed and flowed with Adel struggling to find consistent pass completion. To be fair to Huddersfield they were doing a good job of causing a lot of disruption to the distribution from the back 4. Then in true Huddersfield fashion they crashed a ball through the middle which got deflected by an Adel midfielder in a effort to intercept resulting in a perfectly weighted through ball to a goal hanging Huddersfield striker who seized the opportunity to score……2-1

Half time

After some inspirational words from Ben and Captain Will Purdy (aka that was s**t) the lads came out to the second half fired up. 5 minutes into the second half it became apparent that the pep talk had the desired effect. Some silky play from the back through the midfield produced an opportunity for striker Sam Harris who had controversially transferred from Boston Spa, only getting pen to paper minutes before the transfer deadline. But no shock he showed the manager why he was worth the cash, goal…2-2

Unfortunately Adel struggled to kick on with the momentum they had gained from the goal and preceded to fall back into the similar pattern of play they were in just before the first half. This led to a goal from the dragon that can only be described as a carbon copy of their previous one. Crash ball, deflection from Adel player, perfectly weighted through ball, goal….3-2.

Following this play began to get very frantic with only 15 minutes left. Leading to both teams losing players to green and yellow cards due to what can only be described as physical challenges. Time was starting to tick away…..

But then with only 3 minutes to go Pete Sim had a free hit 7 meters out, he dribbled exactly 5 meters, no more, no less and slapped the ball into the D. The lads hearts were in their mouths as they cast their gaze to the back post, praying there was an Adel player awaiting the ball……..but of course there was. Who else could it have been but El Capitán Will Purdy. He received the ball and smashed it into the back of the net!! He looked up as though he was about to pull his shirt over his head and run the length, however, he knew there was still a job to be done……3-3

With only 2 minutes to go both teams were pushing for the win. Huddersfield launched a dangerous attack ending up on the edge of the Adel D. However, man of the match Jim ‘the rock’ Robinson turned over possession and launched a counter attack. The ball was quickly dispatched up to a breaking James Moorehouse. Screams from Ben Hendley on the sideline of ‘its a two on one’ were rumored to have been heard in Headingley. James continued to charge forward with Sam Harris along side him. Then as Ben had pointed out, it was in fact a two on one. James slipped the ball to his left giving Sam the chance to secure a heroic victory from the jaws of defeat……….he once again showed why he’s paid the big bucks and drove the ball into the back of the net!! ADEL WIN 4-3!!!!

The ecstatic crowd immediately invaded the pitch! (also known as the next teams on) The lads looked mentally drained, yet were victorious. Just another day at the office.

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