The ladies 1s feeling pretty pumped from their win a few weeks ago before #snowmageddon went into this weekends double header knowing that more points were needed to get out of the relegation zone.

 Saturday 10th March v Brooklands 2s

Knowing this game would be tough the Adel ladies arrived at the fortress in good time; with even Gibbo arriving on time! There’s a first for everything J

Adel all warmed up and ready to start, were suddenly told that the Brooklands keeper was injured in the warm up, and they had to kit up another player. We were then also told that one of the umpires was stuck in traffic. So after a 20-minute delay with the sideline supporters getting anxious about delays to the rest of the games that day, we finally got going. Thanks to Chairman Mark Powley for kindly stepping up and umpiring the first part of the game for us.

Brooklands started strongly with some quick juniors running the Adel defence around, early short corners were defended well by Sazzle and the defence. After 10 minutes or so Adel stepped up and took some control of the game, stretching the pitch and playing some good quality quick end-to-end hockey.

A quick ball out from defence allowed the forwards and inners to attack at pace, the ball being passed around well, with Jess slipping the ball across the D to Rosh who calmly slotted the ball into the corner of the goal. 1–0 Adel.

Adel continuing to put the pressure on in search of another goal, were rewarded not long after with another well-worked run of passes up the pitch this time Jen hammered the ball home. 2-0 Adel.

The remainder of the first half saw some great hockey on display with the Adel ladies dominating the possession, showing that they deserve to keep their place in this league.

Once again a nice positive team talk, knowing that the ladies just needed to keep up the pressure, and be relentless in a push to score some more goals and keep the lead. We then heard news that Brooklands were opting for a kicking back for the second half; panic immediately ensued in the ladies. Paul encouraging the team to stay calm and focused.

Safe to say we didn’t listen to the sound advice of our coach, as the second half started a little frantic, with some early chances in front of an open goal not converted.

The ladies then gained a little more composure on the ball, which lead to another goal from Jen to help settle the nerves that there kicking back created. 3-0 Adel.

Brooklands then started to get back into the game, keeping possession in our 23 for long periods and winning a lot of penalty corners. Defending all well except for 1, where Brooklands managed to get a deflection off of a broken down short corner, with obstruction on Sazzle not given by the umpire the goal stood. 3-1 Adel.

The last ten minutes were frenetic with Adel doing everything they could to keep Brooklands form scoring. A green card, this time for rebel Jess meant she saw 2 on the crowded sideline.

The team defending well though meant that we could hold onto the well-deserved lead. Winning the game with the final score of 3-1.

MOM – Joint man of the match again this week (think everyone’s getting used to double buns) with it going to Jen for her double and overall great performance and Abby Taylor for keeping the Brooklands forwards in check with some awesome tackles.

DOD – Abby Taylor (Many many reasons!)


Once again the support we received on the sideline was incredible and really made all the difference in encouraging the team, so thanks very much!

The ladies then celebrated like they won the league, with epic teas we carbed up for the next game on Sunday.

This game was also a special one (although a little sad) for the Blyth sisters, with it being their last home game for Adel. So glad we got the win for you girls!

Sunday 10th v Pendle Forest

The ladies 1s feeling pretty good after Saturdays events (although a little tired) made the journey across to Pendle who’s 1s are storming ahead in this league with 71 games undefeated!

Knowing this would be a challenging game the ladies went in with nothing to lose and gave it there absolute all, battling hard to the end and never giving up.

But it just wasn’t enough to keep Pendle at bay. Eventually losing 11-1. With a corker of a goal from Rosie Baker to make the score line that little bit better. Congratulations to Pendle for winning the league and the deserved promotion.

MOM and DOD still to be decided, but I think Paul Lewis will run away with DOD this week (he knows why!) don’t forget the vitamin C next week!

Overall a really successful weekend for the ladies 1s, the additional 3 points gained will be crucial in the battle to survive the season. Now sitting in 10th spot, above Lymm and Didsbury in the relegation zone. The ladies now go into their last two games of the season against Harrogate (17th March Away 12pm) and Bowdon (24th March at Home 12pm) looking to keep up the good form and get some more points in the bag. Let’s get a big crowd up at Adel on the 24th to support the many teams who now have a re-scheduled game due the #beastfromtheeast.

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