‘A risky business’
Mens 2nd 5 – 3 Harrogate

The cold November morning started with Boag taking a great risk by announcing, “I’ll drive today!” Unbeknownst to Captain Holford, he had kept his day job of driving Miss Daisy a secret and arrived over 10 minutes late, blaming the ‘traffic’ (at 9am on a Saturday? Really Boag? Really?), incurring fines for all four passengers in the cars. To compound the risk further, he realised that his insurance expired at 10:36am, leaving everyone stranded at Adel. Lucky for him, it was curry night, so he can nurse his beer all night and claim, “I can handle my beer!” and, “It’s a tactical chunder!”

Not happy with risking the irk of the law, Boag then decided to accompany Brazier for his pre-match ritual. Going to the clubhouse and missing the warm-up. They claimed the ritual was a sort of warm up as there was ‘some burning’ and a ‘ring of fire’. Whatever that means.

Ben wandered up to the pitch and instructed the team to change the focus of attack and take more risks.

Not happy with all the glory being taken by others, Posh-boy Miles decided to fraternise with the opposition seconds before the push back. Possibly discussing his recent day off school, spending time with Mrs. Robinson.

The game started at a frenetic pace. After some good work, Adel took the lead after a goal-mouth scramble. Stroomer shovelling it past the Harrogate keeper, after the Harrogate defence failed to sweep the keepers pads.

1-0 up, and seemingly cruising, Ben sent on Sham with instructions to ‘hold the middle’. Sham duly obliged by sending a weak pass towards Stroomer, which was intercepted by Harrogate’s baby-faced midfielder. The Harrogate player waltzed passed defenders lining up and swinging despairing sticks at him, and dispatched his shot from outside the D. Goal given much to the Adel’s disbelief.

The rest of the half ebbed and flowed, with only a couple notable moments:
• For the second game in a row, Boag managed to miss a glorious opportunity when the keeper was lying beached and still failed to score or accurately pass 3 metres to the on-rushing Holford.
• Rob Higgins also came out well to flatten the on-rushing Harrogate player, winning the ball cleanly

Half-time – scores even 1:1

Wise words from Ben at half time saw Adel start by peppering the goal in the first five minutes taking more risks but gaining no reward.

Then, from their first attack of the half, Harrogate speculatively crossed in the Adel D. Partner took no risks and dispatched it to the corner (-ish, well, more like just outside the keepers post) only to see the umpiring signalling for a short. Harrogate dispatched said corner under the diving Higgins to give them the lead for the first time.

Harrogate have rarely been behind this season and, in fact, have only lost one fixture since 7th March 2015 (which was to next week’s opponents – Acomb). Given that winning mentality, the next 25 minutes would have come as a shock. Stroomer, toiled with the Harrogate right back who will be having nightmares about that half for days to come. Harrogate tried tackling (occasionaly), bodychecks, high tackles, and eventually resorted to wildly swinging the stick in Stroomers direction to slow him down. Cards were dished out to the Harrogate players, who were now playing a risky game by giving away shorts and spending time on the bench. Two short corners dispatched and a typical Stroomer reverse-stick shot saw Adel take a 4-2 lead with Stroomer bagging them all.

“Surley he’s a first team player!” started to be uttered by the Harrogate players. Unfortunately, they hadn’t read about our first team’s current form to realise goals have not been hard to come by in Yorkshire prem. Harrogate were not about to give-up their unbeaten record and took some risks. They got their reward in the form of a goal from a scrappy short 4-3.

With time running, out Stroomer continued to hack away along the left wing, managing to cut across the Harrogate defender before playing a hospital-ball into the D for Buller to run onto. Buller made a meal out of the on-rushing keeper, executing a double front somersault with pike, and landed on his back rolling around like Lee Harvey Oswald was on the grassy-knoll – again! The Umpire duly obliged his theatrics by awarding a short corner. After all the running, Partner seemed to be suffering from dementia as he couldn’t find the ball under his feet to drag out.

The umpires timer beeped an instant before the short corner was injected. A little scramble in front of the keeper was finished off by Partner reverse scooping the ball past the defenders nose and into the back of the goal.

5-3 – a great win before the 2nd team’s curry night.

MOM: Stroomer – 4 goals
DOD: Crocker – spilling his ‘viscousy load’ all over the changing rooms before trying to share it around.

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James Anthony

James Anthony · 18th November 2017 at 7:03 pm

Such speed with the match report.

Greg Hilton

Greg Hilton · 18th November 2017 at 7:04 pm

Quality webmaster and fast fingers from Sham!

Rob Higgins

Rob Higgins · 18th November 2017 at 11:04 pm

So we’re on a fines night out and just worked out the age difference is big enough for me to be stroomer & miles dad- legally! FUCK I’m old!

    Richard Partner

    Richard Partner · 19th November 2017 at 4:10 pm

    What does that make me G, wade or Si then

    Sham Ahmed

    Sham Ahmed · 19th November 2017 at 7:39 pm

    f’n old – that’s what. ?

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