As the sun set over Adel Hockey Club the mighty 3s rocked up needing a win to keep the momentum going from last week. Ginger Tom Scott arrived with an uncharacteristic energy, presumably excited by the arrival of Sam Jackson, another potential friend to add to the zero he’d made since coming to Leeds.

Sam led an unnecessarily intense warm-up, leading the team for 10 quick laps around the car park which didn’t go down well with the more hungover members of the pack.

From the starting whistle, it was clear that the Huddersfield Dragons were dragons merely by name, as Adel quickly took control and created early chances. Early goals came from Charlie Sutton and a Harry Ratcliffe cross that was directed in by a Huddersfield foot. Tom Beale’s straight strike from a short corner and another from Charlie took it to 4-0. It was clear that Huddersfield had little else in their locker besides a big hitter at the back whose efforts were easily thwarted by the Adel press. Any balls that broke through the press were recovered by the rock at the back, Tom Gabbott, who demonstrated the picking abilities of an established florist.

Into the second half, Adel kept the pressure on and made it 5-0 when Charlie took it round the keeper and shot into the open goal. Harry, doubtful over whether or not Charlie’s shot was on target, slid to deflect the ball over the line; an act deemed “snakey” by his teammates. Lapses in concentration meant Huddersfield scored 2 in quick succession, but the comeback was quickly shut down by Tom Hamlyn’s first goal of the season.

Robbing Charlie of his hat-trick earned Harry DoD, and a dominating performance in midfield gave Si Taylor MoM.

We go into next weeks away fixture at Thirsk feeling confident, hoping to continue the winning streak ahead of the Christmas break.

words by Harry Ratcliffe

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