Wishing everyone a happy New Year after last nights update from Boris, seems a little hollow but I hope everyone was able to enjoy the festive season as well as could be expected and that Santa was kind to you and showered you with hockey related gear.

Sadly, all hockey activity has been suspended by our governing body, England Hockey (England Hockey – Home | Facebook ) and AWMA will be following their previous approach in lockdown 1 and 2 last year whereby all of the grounds and facilities at Adel will be closed.  Therefore the pitch will be closed for all activity until further notice and members are asked not to access the pitch under any circumstances.  This includes household bubbles, 1-1 sessions and individuals.

Implications of the latest lockdown for any return to league hockey will no doubt be being considered by North HA and Yorkshire HA during the lockdown period, but with any return unlikely in the next 6 weeks as a minimum, its fair to say prospects for any league hockey of any description by the end of the season seem remote.

I attach links to the articles we posted last year for reference in the same circumstances.  The situation is clearly understandable based on the latest statistical data but lets all hope the roll out of the vaccine will see a return to some sort of normality that also allows a return to playing our sport again.

Thanks in particular to everyone who has gone above and beyond the remit of their club roles over the last 12 months to allow hockey in any shape and form to take place at Adel.  Your work is not yet done but fingers crossed there is some light at the end of a tunnel for us all.

In the meantime, please all stay fit, safe and healthy, keep in touch with each other via the appropriate means, and I look forward to seeing everyone again back out on the pitch again as soon as we are allowed to do so.

The pitch and facilities are now shut – Leeds Adel Hockey Club

Lockdown part 2 – implications for Leeds Adel HC – Leeds Adel Hockey Club


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