The disappointing but not unsurprising news regarding hockey activity being suspended throughout November was confirmed by England Hockey last night.  I know from reading various social media outlets that there are concerns being expressed about the impact on people’s health, mental and physical as a result of organised team sports at grassroots levels being suspended once again, especially after clubs have put in so much effort to ensure compliant facilities for the last few months to allow games to be played again.

But as things stand currently, the pitch will be out of bounds from the end of mens training on Wednesday evening in order to comply with the new lockdown requirements from Thursday 5th November 2020.  The bar will also be shut for this period.

I know this news is frustrating, perhaps even more so when there is little, if any, evidence to suggest that organised hockey activity has been a factor in the increased levels of Covid over the last few weeks.  However, the bigger picture cannot be overlooked and hopefully this lockdown action will soon be over and we can return again to hockey activity across the country and especially at Adel.  Some people have a right to be more disappointed than others after their efforts to ensure the necessary risk assessments, signs, communications, training sessions etc have all been met.  Likewise, Ian and Gaby have spent hours looking at shuffling games around as the number of opposition options have reduced week by week.  Just looking at the current league tables, its clear that Adel have been more fortunate than most clubs, (or perhaps worked harder?) in playing so many games and fingers crossed this doesn’t count for nothing and gives us less of a headache when we return to playing again post lockdown 2.

One thing that I plan to do during November is announce the winners of the trophies from the 2019-20 season on social media.  We would normally present these trophies at the end of season dinner in May, this was then postponed to the start of season dinner in September which in turn has had to be postponed.  However, we can use this opportunity to celebrate and congratulate those who won trophies last season.  Whether we have any awards for the current season is one to determine in May 2021!  However, if you do have a trophy from the 2018-19 season in your possession please can you return at training this week so Will Powley or Tim McDonald can then collect and sort out engraving etc when the engravers are allowed to open up again.

Finally, please do all you can to maintain your fitness levels, stay safe and keep in touch with hockey team mates and friends.  Hopefully we will soon be back together on and off the pitch.

Mark Powley

Chairman – Leeds Adel HC

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