Extra counting, contract negotiations, stunning finishes, moments of madness, severe injuries, last minute drama and where’s Jim? It’s got it all. Read on.

7th January


After finishing 2016 on a high note with the demolition of Doncaster on their travels, the 2’s looked to take another away scalp at York for the second time this year. Having dominated against their 5’s in 15 minute spells making a convincing win seem like a half hearted performance, they were keen to put in a 70minute performance akin to the Doncaster fixture.

The shuffled pack of players took to the field with Perkins stepping in for Berry who was called into work to perform some important counting. Lewis took his chance in for the once again injured Diego Cockburn. Tabloid press from LS16 have reported Cockburn may be in contact talks given the number of parental notes received with a new injury each week.    Order was restored thought with Primmer returning after impressing playing for the old buggers.

The game started with York panicking at the back as they failed to deal with the Adel press.  Short corner number 1 was dispatched with ease with a Holford standard routine.  Adel maintained the pressure for most of the half but York began to take back field position and show some attacking promise.

Half time came and the importance of the second goal highlighted.  2 minutes into the half a defense splitting pass form Partner to the on running Boag saw the ball in the York net again 2-0.  Job done………..

No.  York tried a long range pass of their own almost straight from the KO and for once the York man got ahead of the ever reliable Crocker (and stayed on his feet). Carrying the ball with one of those strange grips that looks like he’d been given a stick for the first at Christmas, the York forward unleashed a miss hit scuff type shot that then took a deflection taking it into the corner of the Adel goal. 2-1……Must not switch off now.

York gained early turn over within seconds of the push back and another tame dribble and shot some how leveled the game………Squeaky bum time. The momentum clearly with the York players now they forced a short corner and took the lead as the ball was crashed through the legs of Perkins.

With 10 minutes to go Adel knew they couldn’t throw away 3 points after that 5minute spell of madness and started to put pressure on the York goal.  A string of short corners came to nothing.  The Adel front line were starting to get their Mojo back, however chances were being spurned.  Pass of the match nomination (a new fine apparently) split the York defenders setting Boag 1 on 1, rounding the keeper. 3-3 surely? Picture Boag wheeling away shirt over his head celebrating rescuing a point. Or picture the still apparently concussed Boag rounding the keeper before the severe concussion impacted on his peripheral vision.  Yes the latter. Double vision must have meant no double strike for Boag this week.

Last minute, panic or patience? Short corner gained. Drag flick Ahmed called (yes drag flick Ahmed – think of it like a 10 yard pass with slight elevation). The drag out was perfect and ‘open stick’ stopped to draw the runners!! Slipped to Ahmed who with all the power in the world just managed to get the ball to the line for it to cross the line.  Picture Ahmed wheeling away shirt over head celebrating rescuing the point – Sorry if you were eating.

Post match spirits lifted by the point MOM and DOD proved hard to split as players received votes In both categories.  By the narrowest of margins, Perkins’ gap between the legs won the DOD vote with Boags’ Neat finish taking the MOM (not the post concussion finishing).

Has anyone seen Cockburn since the Christmas? Answers on the back of a bottle a tequila please.

Next week sees the 2’s take on the University students  – no wait they don’t want to play Saturdays any more so we will rearrange the game for mothering Sunday.

Report by Richard Partner


Andrew Boag

Andrew Boag · 18th January 2017 at 5:48 pm

Me getting concussed is a recurring theme in our games.

    Richard Partner

    Richard Partner · 18th January 2017 at 9:36 pm

    Enforced retirement may be on the cards. You and George north will
    Have to take up darts on a Saturday

    Paul Allan

    Paul Allan · 18th January 2017 at 10:01 pm

    Andrew Boag – any good at baby sitting?

Sham Ahmed

Sham Ahmed · 18th January 2017 at 8:13 pm

Stop being such a wuss then. Man up!

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