4 games in, 4 victories can’t get better than that!

This week we got up early and made our way to skipton. Looking sharp in the new black kit, we nearly made fools of ourselves by running straight of the pitch with the confusion of the many sidelines.

The first half was slow. They regularly had all 11 players behind the ball which was making it difficult for us to get into 25 and attacking D. We were unfortunate not getting several short corners, and their goalie was strong on her pads keeping the ball out. The opposition had a few breaks but good defence by centre backs Nat and Becky and a few key saves by presty meant the ball stayed out of the goal. According to presty it was 3, and she is really proud of herself 🙂 Half time 0-0.

Nothing bothers us though. Good captaincy by Hannah sorted us out. We kept going, helped by endless running by youngster Megs. Straight into the second half the first of a hatrick for Jade. A good pass by Summers to Sophie at the top of the D, who then showed beautiful skill to beat four players who swarmed on her to get a pass to Jo, one touch to jade and reversed sweeped in the goal! Boom.

Due to SO many goals I can’t remember the order of the others. Robyn got a clever goal from a short corner set up by Twedds. Next goal was a free hit from Nat to Summers who cracked the ball into Jade who lobbed the keeper! They got a goal. We are nice like that.


Now we can’t forget that Sophie stood on a french fry and got scared. And that Nat was late as she could not find her keys in the morning so was locked in. DOD to nat, thanks for washing the kit!


Final goal Lolly did a cracking cross in the air to Jade on the post who did a fab finish past the goalie. Hatrick for Jade, easy! Deserved MOM.


4-1, I’m happy with that!