Ladies 3s currently in the dog fight of the middle table – fresh off the win on 19th Nov against Canalside, and the cancellation of Pudsey on 26th Nov – Adel needed to get their heads screwed on for the double header hockey weekend of Colne Valley and Pudsey.

Sat 3rd Dec – a crisp Saturday lunchtime pushback started with Adel pushing hard and dominating. Plenty of space on the pitch, and long runs. It was then Adel realised Colne Valley had only brought nine players to the match… but still Colne Valley attempted to ‘park the bus..’ for the majority of the first half – but with teamwork in the middle from Morag, Kiel and Vicky – Adel pushed forward – and with that came goals from the forwards working hard with runs from Lilly and Sam. Adel kept their shape to stay on top, with half time coming – and 2-0 to Adel.

As the second half started, Colne Valley made runs through the middle – but the ever present ‘Adel Cleaning Service’ of Grace, Carrie, Katie, Emily and Lucy were on hand to mop up any efforts they attempted. Balls pushed out to the wings, and well worked play got the ball up into the D for a further three goals. Full time came, and a positive 5-0 result for Adel. A lovely game of encouragement, reassurance and well drilled hockey on display that was full of communication throughout the whole team.

The squad looked forward to the Sunday away game against Pudsey.

Then Saturday night happened……

I wouldn’t say the Ladies 3s are full of alcoholics….. but many don’t know when to call it a night – and a ‘quiet night’ consists of getting in at 5am (Sassy I’m pointing fingers at you!)

Sunday lunchtime came, and Adel were slightly under the weather – with Sassy already having an ‘incident’ with bodily fluids in Jane’s Tupperware bowl in the back of the car on the journey over. Quiet, pale and reserved – Adel knew that a win would further their progress in the table.

The game started with Pudsey straight out the gate – pushing play and on to every player that had the ball. Adel struggled to get in gear, and the game became scrappy and slow. As the first half went on – Sassy (tucked up in a sea of clothes), grew ever paler – and eventually fell asleep. That genuinely was as exciting as it got. Half time came – 0-0 – with Pudsey genuinely believing they’d had a great first half.

A stern word from Coach Katy (who herself struggled to chow down on her sandwich) made it clear we needed to settle down. Morag emphasised the need to communicate and push balls on and create play.
Second half started in a very different fashion – with the midfield working tirelessly to push the ball forward – and with pressure for a solid fifteen minutes, finally a mistake by the keeper that left the ball straying in front of an open goal – the ball was pushed in. Relief – 1-0 to Adel. The game started to settle, and Pudsey eased the pressure and seemed to step off the gas. As the second half wore on – the hangovers started to disappear. Adel woke up to add a second goal from a penalty corner. Final score 2-0.

Things we learnt:

Hockey should only be played on a Saturday.
Drinking on a Saturday night and playing on a Sunday don’t mix.
Sassy needs to not go out drinking with her team – it doesn’t end well.
Rosh needs a tag to stop her fellow team mates accidentally ditching her on a night out..
Jane loses her spatial awareness when she’s had more than one drink (plus another four)

A mixed bag of playing – however, a win is a win and it’s doesn’t always have to be pretty – but a positive double header of a winning weekend. Six points and currently third in the table.

The last game before the Xmas break sees Ladies 3s away to Canalside. Fingers crossed they’ll only have 7, but regardless – coming away with a win, and celebrating at the Xmas Social.


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